10 Tips for a Younger Hair

Good habits are the key to some age-proof locks. Combine them with a makeover and get the silky strands that both want.
Keep a hair healthy and in shape is not always easy. But, with the help of suitable products and certain gestures, this task may be facilitated by ensuring the desired results. These are the recommendations of the experts to get strong and healthy strands you want. See also the Gallery of images with the eight secrets to have long and straight hair.


1. Don’t forget the conditioner

If washing your hair repeatedly and skip the conditioner, will damage it and make it crisp, giving it an aged appearance. Most women avoid using conditioner that makes the hair heavy, which does not happen if you find the right product. If you don’t find one that will suit you best, a leave in conditioner spray is a great alternative.

If you have the dyed hair, let the savings aside and apply conditioner to the roots. Try, for example, the BC Team Restore Conditioner, Schwarzkopf, indicated for mature hair dry and brittle or Spray Conditioner Express Hyaluron + Hair Filler of the Gliss, which ensures a disentangling easy and intensive regeneration.

2. follow a diet rich in protein

Be sure to eat protein quality, like meat, fish, eggs and nuts, especially at breakfast, at which point the hair follicles are still active and need a little boost of energy. If you find that your power supply has a lack of protein, take a supplement. Yo-Yo diets can also cause premature hair loss and thinning of hair diameter. So, avoid them.

According to Jeni Thomas, a researcher at the Pantene Pro-V Hair Research Institute, ‘ is being developed a lot of research on the effects of nutrition on the quality of the hair. For now, it is known that iron, zinc and proteins directly affect the quality of the hair. If we have nutritional deficiencies that is reflected to have a balanced diet helps the body achieve your full potential ‘.

«Since the hair is composed of 80 to 90% of proteins, it is necessary to consume protein. The red meat is beneficial because it is rich in iron, but if you’re a vegetarian can get it to other dietary sources. The hair needs biotin, vitamins and minerals, are all important», adds the expert. See also the picture gallery with essential foods to a dream hair.

3. change of visual

A modern cut rejuvenates instantly. If you have round face, there’s a recommended cut. The hair to the shoulders and fine-tune the face and a risk or bangs to the side highlight the cheekbones. Avoid cuts by the Chin and around the ears. If you have the oval face, hold perfectly a geometric cutting, as well as a long, I’ve noticed starting to eye level, to widen the face.

Avoid the straight cuts. If you have the square face, it’s easier. Both cuts with layers that frame the ears like shoulder line plus soften the jaw. The long bangs disguise brows too large.

If you have the heart-shaped face, risking a pixie but, if you have curly hair and like long, try a bob. Any volume between the Chin and shoulders balances the triangular shape of the face. See also the Picture Gallery which teaches you how to make a double.

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