2 Men’s Fragrance by Natura for Christmas

If you are in doubt at the time of gifting or even if you don’t know what to ask of this, I leave here two tips of perfumes (in the case of deodorants cologne) that can appeal to most men.

2 Men’s Fragrance by Natura for Christmas

I received some time ago to test the Bio Male and the Ekos Sheets Mate, but had not yet had an opportunity to give my opinion about them, and I believe that there is no better time to talk about two products that I liked, because a lot of people are thinking about buying something of the type!

Biography Male – Deodorant Cologne

Well men, with its woody fragrance, is the kind of scent that goes well all year round, the combination with verbena and lemon the do not leave too heavy and, even with touches of sandalwood and cedar, is not completely wintry, reaching an interesting balance, and an odor remarkable.

Price: R$83,80 – 100ml – Buy

Ekos Sheets of Mate – Deodorant Cologne

Fragrance citrus without being cloying, quite the contrary, it has a scent lightweight and natural very nice, gets the body due to notes of wood and amber, but the special touch comes from the extract for the aroma of the leaves matt green, making it very suitable for the hot days. Of the two evaluated is my favorite.

Note: the Ekos Leaves of Matte Green is not defined as a unique perfume for men, but if you pay attention to your composition you’ll see that it leans a little more to the male audience.

Price: R$77,50 To 100- To Purchase