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Eyeko Makeup – 1999, UK







Brand facts:

  • Eyeko is a British cosmetics brand specializing in manufacturing makeup products for eyes including mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow, eye shadow and other accessories.
  • Their products are favored by many stars and celebrities for the good effects and easy-to-use features which are also suitable for travel.

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Giorgio Armani Beauty Makeup & Fashion

Giorgio Armani Cosmetics






Brand facts:

  • Giorgio Armani Beauty is a sub brand under Giorgio Armani, specializing in manufacturing cosmetics items like makeup, skincare, fragrance and experience products for people in the world.
  • It’s one of the world’s leading fashion and luxury brand for its innovative and high quality products which lead the trend of fashion and gain high reputation in the industry.


Main Categories:

Makeup, skincare, fragrance, experience



Time and place: 1975, Italy

Early products: clothing

Founder: Giorgio Armani, Nat Stack


Headquarter Location:
Milan, Italy


Store Locations:

Italy, worldwide


New Arrivals:


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