2016 Haircuts: Top Hairstylists Reveal Trends

Hair trends for 2016? Comes!

If you depend on the top hairstylists Eron Ahmad, Blend Your Mind (SP) and Rodrigo Ferreira, the Studio W Higienópolis (SP), the variations of bob cuts follow, undefeated in the lead among the Favorites for next year.

According to Eron, the length of time it will be at the height of the Chin. “On the basis of geometric and frayed ends, the texture of the bob hair or loose curls unpretentious waves asks. The important thing is that the Court has “movement, explains. Democratic enough, works on all types of hair: curly, wavy, straight … “However, women with the protruding chin should consider well the proposal before passing the scissors, she can further accentuate this feature,” warns expert. To keep the screaming cowbird spic-and-span, finish your look with salt spray and dust to give volume, movement and texture of type “woke up”. Also remember to trim the ends every couple of months.

For Rodrigo, the long bob, whose length ranges from Chin to shoulder height, already has his throne guaranteed to 2016. “He has become timeless” signals. Like all his charm is concentrated on the naturalness of the wires, the Pro’s tip to achieve this effect is finalizing with babyliss, but in a different way: “the secret is to use it without closing the forceps from the appliance and do not place the hair ends in him”, teaches. Hold everything in place with a hair wax that helps to fix your style. Like his brother bob, this hack requires you to tap the card on the bimonthly Salon.

And it’s not over, no, see here for more trends in haircuts to 2016 for lengths.

Long: they remain in line with breasts, but, this time, come with hairs longer and without layers. “To complete the look of long shredded, adopt the fringe around the Chin and slightly corrugated texture”, recommends Eron. Short women must avoid not to have her flat silhouette but this is the only exception, since the combines with all formats and types of hair. Hydration = mandatory requirement.

Medium: “The bet is cutting straight base profiled the tips + fringe. The length should be four fingers above the bust and four fingers below the collarbone, “decrees Rodrigo. According to the hairstylist, not only is indicated for the short neck or face. Another option for investing is the chanel classic and disconnected at the nape of the neck, which comes with tips and bangs mega shreds and has perfume vintage. “The finish must show some aggression, with tips that don’t communicate,” says Eron. Is the claimed right to women with the fine and delicate face, and can be used with the hair smooth, to highlight the cut. But the curly hairs housewives also benefit from chanel. “For them, nominate a cosmopolitan version also asymmetric, this is Rodrigo. Finalization happens with shine spray.

Short: a “Johnny” with uneven bangs, layered and falling over the forehead define the new pixie, Eron bet for 2016. “The shorts are great to lengthen the silhouette of women casualties or overweight and ensure a touch of power and authenticity to them,” reveals. Straight hair take advantage this haircut, okay? And don’t forget the styling: use pomade or wax to make the fringe trim, high point of the proposal.”The maintenance should happen every 40 days,” warns Rodrigo.

In the photo gallery above, select the looks-trend that has already made the head of the famous to you give Ctrl C + Ctrl V now!