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Eyebrow Color in Various Shades

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Is it time to get dyed your eyebrows? You will find fashion girl with a choice of several different kinds of eyebrow color, so you can buy exactly the color you want. The eyebrow color is quality tested and at attractive prices.

See the big selection of refectocil color-fashion girl have entire refectocil large assortment

Get beautiful and selected brows with an eyebrow color as refectocil. Most know how much beautiful eyebrows can do for one’s appearance. Going on vacation and you will not have to spend time to draw your eyebrows up every day? So get them colored permanently with eyebrow color. We cover eyebrow color in various shades, so there are some that will suit your face. It has become very popular to have selected eyebrows that frame the face. Eyebrow color is therefore also a must. With eyebrow color you get natural selected brows. Buy your eyebrow color and see the difference.

Exclusive Eye Makeup & Eyeshadows

120-color Hypoallergenic Eyeshadow Palette Waterproof Long Lasting Matte Shade

To make up a bright-eyed look you can buy here exclusive eye makeup online from the online shop. The Velvet eyeshadow guarantees the perfect hold of your eyeshadow base, with which you initially primed the eyelid. Then you apply your eye shadow. Thanks to the varied nuances of eyeshadows you can conjure up your individual look on the lid: mysterious smokey eyes, natural long lasting eye makeup or discreet nude look. A little hint: The eyes make-up succeeds best with an eyeshadow brush. For storage of eyeshadows, you can buy here the practical, refillable beauty box online. Thanks to the specially designed, artistic design, the beauty is also an elegant accessory box that adorns every make-up bag. The eyeliner is the diva under the eyes make-up. If you want to make-up expressive, alluring eyes, pull precise eyeliner with eyeliner or a liquid liner. The finishing touches give your eye makeup with intensive mascara. The offers you a selection of high-qualit and partly water resistant mascaras that give your lashes a strong color and stunning Verve. For example, you can buy here online mascara the all-in-one, which conjures up eyelashes for the perfect eyelashes dizzyingly long. You can complete the eye make-up, with beautiful, naturally shaped eyebrows. A rapid and precise yet eyebrows styling succeed with special products for eyebrows. For your skin and healthy eyelashes it is important that you thoroughly evening make-up off make-up the eyes. Thanks to your mild formula does not irritate the eye makeup remover eye and remove water-soluble and waterproof eye make-up easily.

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Introduction to Nail Stickers

Adhesive Decorative Artificial Nail Tips Nail Art Design Elegant Flower Pattern Adhesive Decorative Artificial Nail Tips with Purple Leopard Printed Patter

Nail stickers are a great way to inject the nails a glamorous, wild, fun or different look. Nail stickers are to you that goes up in the details, but who may not be accustomed to, or have time for myself to do nail art designs on the nails. On this page you will find a nice selection of nail stickers for all occasions, nail stickers for party, nail stickers for confirmation or wedding or nail stickers for everyday that can spice up the varnished nails with nail stickers. You get up easily a lot of attention.

How you put nail stickers

Nail stickers can be applied at either the clean fingernail or on top of the nail polish.

Just make sure to have cleaned the nail before applying your nail stickers.

Best Beauty Boxes Reviews

78 Colored Eye Shadow Palette Fresh Mineral Blush WetDry Powder Best Beauty Boxes Reviews

The elegant beauty box, which you can buy here online, your eye shadow, rouge, and camouflage safely stored. Thanks to the ingenious magnetic system can you box individually equip the personalized beauty, eye shadow, rouge, and camouflage at any time share and combine. Here you can buy the beauty box in five different sizes from ask4beauty. Depending on the size boxes square offer the beauty of twelve, six, four, three or two eye shadow. If you want to keep in your beauty box rouge or camouflage, a rouge or camouflage is as big as three eyeshadow. The sustainable beauty boxes are high-quality processed and can be loaded always again. Thanks to the integrated mirror and applicator is perfectly the beauty box, if you want to refresh your makeup on the road quickly. The beauty box is not only extremely practical but also a schmucker eye-catcher in your make-up bag. According to the motto “art meets cosmetics” the limited boxing style with different artful designs embodies harmonious color worlds of art and cosmetics: fresh flower motifs, graphical elements of decor, graffity, or modern art. With the beauty box, create your own personal beauty treasure chest!

Top Choice of Cosmetic Accessories

Luminous Eyeshadow Pencil Long Lasting Easy Application Transparent Lid Spoolie Brush Eyebrow Brush Plastic Handle Fiber Bristle 3 Options

The online shop offers you practical helpers for a perfect make-up. Emphasized eyebrows are currently the trend. Hip and elegant the brewing frames the face but only if the natural eyebrow shape is drawn to exactly. Quite easily, you create the trend look with the eyebrow stencils from the online shop. Depending on the eyebrow shape, you can select from three different stencils and accurately and consistently apply the eyebrow powder. Long eyelashes are traced eyebrows. Professional eyelash curler visually extends your eyelashes and the view opens. Create irresistible curved eyelashes with the eyelash curler from the online shop!

High Quality Eyeshadows

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High quality eyeshadow can be bought online in the BRIDGAT online shop – turn your eyes into an irresistible eye-catcher! With eye shadow you not only have charming accents, you can also model your face. Applied in the right places, it makes larger round eyes almond shaped or small. Make your eye shadow last all day, apply the primer eye shadow from BRIDGAT, which significantly improves the durability and at the same time intensify the color brilliance. A color coordinated eye shadow and nail polish make every outfit complete. Thanks to the varied shades of BRIDGAT eye shadow, which you can buy here online, you put any look perfectly in scene. Conjure up a touch of romance to your eyelids with eye shadows in soft pastel colors, make a glamorous statement with smokey eyes or create a discreet nude look. There are no limits to their imagination. And if you want to refresh your eye shadow on the road, the luxury beauty box, a practical companion. In it, you can safely store your Eye shadows and individually share thanks to the magnetic system.


At BRIDGAT, you can buy a variety of eye shadow online for your unique look!

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