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Makeup with Colored Pencils

Recently, I have discovered Kohl pencils back totally for me. They are super easy and you can make-up a whole look with just a few products. This is the case with this look. In addition to foundation and mascara I used only this 3 Kohl pencils for eye makeup and lip makeup.


The pins are manufactured in German – and not only reminded of the crayons in the school, but it is also a little bit. The color range is big. Once shop online, rummages through the page, where you will find almost every color.


Today, I have decided for the colors of 125 and 134 for the eyes and 224 for the lips. The 125 is a beautiful olive tone. I found this above and below the lashes and the upper water line plotted. I have applied the pink tone of 134 on the lower waterline. This is a very delicate color. For the lower waterline, this sounds perfectly, as white as he opens her eyes visually and is still not as flashy. It looks mostly a bit hard.


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Makeup Products for Eyes

“Listen up, screw up your eyes! Or you plan to fight your first wrinkles at 16? “- once my mom told her pubescent daughter. I wanted to wear no glasses then partout, without which I’d seen nothing but and was so to speak forced to deform my eyes to two slots to run against a post.

So my mom was the one who raised this fear of wrinkles in me. It’s obvious! I know yet exactly, as I had begun the wrinkle war at 17(!) with my first eye cream. I would like to continue this even at 40. I no longer stalling together my eyes, I wear glasses now, anyway I will tell of the aging process (crap, not a beautiful word!) wir…vom progressive progress of the tire is not spared. So I tirelessly cream me!
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Professional Nail Gels for Beginners and Experienced Nail Technicians

Professional nail gel from the nail Studio 

Nail gel can make professional looking nails from nail Studio easily at home yourself. Own, creative nail design ideas can be implemented easily. In the meantime, there are a number of different products, which differ in their application and their properties. You all make a gorgeous nail design that holds up to three weeks. Distinction is made between nail gel to cure under UV light and gel products that cure without UV light.

nail gel

Cure nail gel under a UV lamp

Acrylic nails in the nail salon are cured under a UV lamp. Such nails for several weeks, they are stable and high gloss. Exactly such nails can be made now at home me with the DIY nail sets. There are different nail gels for home use. With the transparent acrylic gels, the nail plate is amplified and if required also extended. Colored gel nail polish in many current trend colors set hardly limits of creativity. The nail design is hardened under a small lamp in a few minutes and is durable up to three weeks. The products can be individually or be ordered as a set, also the corresponding UV lamp is available.

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Hair Care and Hair Styling Products Review

From time to time when you have to unwind, is it best to pamper both body and soul with delicious products. That’s why we’ve created an entire page exclusively with care products, so you can put all the focus on finding the best products for yourself. This article covers styling products as OSMO Styling Matt Sea Spray and OSMO Styling Effects “inside.

The offers to the hair, however, does not stop here; We also cover all kinds of shampoo, which cater for all needs – whether your desire is to stimulate hair growth, you want to treat against dry hair and dander, are struggling with split ends or just want a really good conditioner that makes your hair incredibly delicious. There are all kinds of hair products for both men and women, such as wax and products for curly hair. These products, as well as products such as nail polish and shaving utensils, from delicious brands such as Gillette, OSMO, Simply Zen and System 4. You can get many products for the whole family, which allows you, that you can have a complete series for the hair, where the quality is top notch! As mentioned, we cover in the products collection including the well-known Mach3 razor, Gillette Mach3 Turbo and Gillette Venus. The latter is the very first razor blade for women with 3 leaves, which are surrounded by a protective cushion that ensures a comfortable shave. Common to all these products from the Gilette, is that they leave the skin soft and fine every time and gives the best and closest shave — ever!

You can treat yourself, your girlfriend or your boyfriend so all you know is happy and comfortable. And save in this area – it is not healthy to do something good for themselves!

Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Playful to independent brushing with the Sonicare for kids connected. So brushing is fun: the new sonic toothbrush care for kids connected Philips adapts to the specific needs of children and helps them to develop an effective tooth brushing routine. So playful sets the foundation for a lifelong healthy dental care. “Sparkly”, the personal trainer of plaster from the associated app is part of the game. Thanks to Bluetooth technology and the interactive coaching application, children are playing animated to the independent and thorough brushing. The patented Sonic technology, a child-friendly design, two different brush head sizes and practical functions such as kids hours and alert help increasing the brushing time and thoroughly clean the teeth.

For most children, the movement is ‘ now brushing only once and then the bed ‘ one of the most unpopular from the mouth of the parents. With the connected app, Philips has created a virtual boyfriend, sparkly, by which it is brushing a real highlight at bedtime or after waking up. With its help children navigate mouth as Visual how to brush your teeth through an interactive app in the Sparklys acts”, said Dimitri Ternovoj, senior marketing manager oral health care. Thus children learn playing thoroughly to clean all quadrants in the mouth and get rewards with good results, including gifts that make their training partner happy sparkly and they motivate to brush their teeth regularly and thoroughly, so and new next.

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Manicure Nails with Nail Accessories

Manicured hands and nails with nail accessories at Ehuacom

Buy nail files, nail scissors and nail care accessories at Ehuacom manicured hands and nails belong to a neat appearance.

The nails should be not only clean, but cut to a suitable length. At Ehuacom, you will find a wide variety of accessories for a professional and thorough nail care. A pair of nail scissors, a nail clippers or a nail file can be used to trim the nails. Nail scissors and file are often together in small pouches, which are suitable for carrying in a handbag. There are nail scissors like nail clippers, in various strengths for finger and toenails. With a nail cuticle scissors can be accurately and gently removed cuticles before they blow it up. The nails not only to the desired length to be shortened but also continue to be treated, for example, a 4 in 1 nail is used. Through the different grit of filing leaves the nails can be trimmed, cleaned, smoothed and polished.

Now, discover the huge selection of accessories and accessories for the perfect nail care in your Ehuacom online shop. From an order value of €25 Ehuacom delivers the ordered goods working days within 1 to 2 free to you home.

Manicured hands and nails


Dermaroller for Skin Health

24K Gold Face Skin Massage Roller Derma Body Firming Massager Electric Energy Beauty Bar

Get young and beautiful skin with a dermaroller. With a dermaroller can achieve visible reduction of cellulite (also called cellulite), scars, pigmentation and pimples.

It sounds too good to be true? The legend behind the product’s success is due to the innovative technique called micro needling. In short, this goes out on that dermarollers are doing a lot of super-small holes in the skin’s surface, as the skin goes in and repairs at the same time as the formation of collagen is stimulated. Thus, the skin regains its elasticity and firmness.

YYR Dermaroller Skin Cooling Derma Ice Roller Skin Cool Ice Roller For Face And Body Massage Facial Skin and Preventing Wrinkles

Perfect for removing celllulite and get a nice skin

Dermaroller can be used both in face and body and causes your skin to appear more even and smooth after a few treatments.

Breast Lift Tape Reviews

5 Pairs Women's Invisible Breast Lift Tape Stick on Bra Sticker Nipple Covers Dress 6MF3

Breast tape is a new and exciting way to give your breasts a boost on. Never has it been more fashionable to go to tops with bar backs, as well as creating a natural bust. Both are tasks a normal bra can not solve why breast tape is the optimum choice. Breast tape promises your bosom in seconds, why stars, models and other fashion folk have resorted to breast the tape when they must pose on the red carpet, in the city or just have a natural boost in everyday life. Breast tape is the ideal choice at the bar back, strapless tops or under clothes, where there is no visible hints ag under the vehicle. Even larger breasts can benefit from breast tape! The tape is waterproof and transparent, but can easily be taken off again with lukewarm water. Breast tape can be used up to a D-cup.

10x Pc Bare Lifts Instant Breast Lift Support Invisible Bra Shaper Adhesive Tape

Quick Start Guide to Learn How to Apply Makeup

Every woman, by more expert or beginner , which is on the theme of beauty, will have doubt at some point… I get first base or concealer? Is it necessary to use lip liner? Although there are no exact answers, there are small tips that make easier it. It takes into account this quick start guide to learn how to apply makeup and the order in which certain products should apply… be amazed the difference!

Note: the example below is for a basic makeup. As you become familiar with the steps (or if you are looking for another type of look) you can add cosmetics to your routine.

Step 1: Base or color moisturizing

During the day, you will need a light coverage of media, depending on your skin type. Say goodbye to heavy bases, because they will only see your face “stiff” and untrue. With the skin perfectly clean and moist in depth, four or five points of makeup applied and spread it with your fingers or with a brush in a circular motion – sure it looks even and don’t forget areas like Chin and neck.

If you want to try to “correct” the shape of your face, you can use a fast of the contouring version. Then, seal loose or compact powder.

If you prefer a natural look, opt for moisturizers with color, CC Creams that also illuminate or BB Creams. All three offer less coverage than a Foundation but it will continue giving it a veil of color to your face. Follow the same instructions on themakeupexplorer. This time, you can leave the dust aside for a wet effect.

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Step 2: concealer

There are several types of editors – to cover pimples to those designed to cover rosacea – however, the most widely used are those covering dark circles or blemishes.

Once you’ve applied the base, uses the concealer in areas that require it… don’t abuse!

Here comes into play the texture of your concealer but, usually, you can also apply several dots and blend them with a specific brush. If you do it with your fingers, you run the risk of not covering enough imperfection. Not so clear spell you choose or you might suffer from the syndrome “mask”.

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Step 3: flush

Why the Rouge at this point? Because it will help you to define the face, raise the cheekbones and decide that much makeup will make you miss lips or eyes. Flushing is an important step that can ruin or enhance the shape of your face.

For more naturalness (or if your skin is mature) chooses the versions on cream or gel, they are easy and will save you precious minutes if you’re a busy woman. Flushes or compact powder should be applied with a brush, while maintaining the purpose of tuning or dissimulate (the makeup can slim the face cheeks).

In this step, the bronzers are valid and should complement the blusher, not compete with them.

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Step 4: eyebrows

Eyebrows are the frame of your rostror and are able to define your look, so give them the importance they deserve. A basic makeup or day, eyebrows are the same tone of your hair (where possible) and if your shadows are clear, you have permission to obscure them a little more.

Peinalas up to see where you must fill in and proceeds to apply makeup with a brush. Eyebrow powder makeup looks more credible than crayons – if you use one or the other, it ends with a brush type mascara to remove any stroke or marked lines.

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Step 5: Shadows or liners

Let’s be honest – there are women who do not have time use Shadows or to outline your eyes perfectly. If yours is a neutral look, opt for shadows in cream in light colours that give light to your eyes. You can also give more depth to the eye with a Brown shade in the crease.

Do you want more intensity? Get it outlining your eyes with a dark tone. Let the unbroken line for chic effect or blur it a bit with your fingers for a quick effect “cat’s eye”. Another option is to makeup according to the color of your eyes, long as you go with the rest of your makeup.

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Step 6: mascara

The main thing: take the time necessary to make your lashes with a product that take care of them. Not uncommon to see women with patches of pestanina in their eyelids or, worse yet, tabbed lumpy and formless.

Riza lashes with a good quality tool – 10 seconds is more than sufficient – and applies the mask horizontally, trying to cover each one of them. Don’t wait to apply the second coat to dry, otherwise lumps are formed. Peinalas to give it more definition. If you want to make the lower lashes, do the same but hold the applier vertically.

Video: How to apply mascara it

Step 7: Lipstick or balm

Ends your makeup by applying a touch of color on your lips. From lip dyes, glitters and bars, alternatives seem to be endless when it comes to your mouth. Be patient if you choose lipsticks – they need a delineated perfect and a precise application, especially if they are colors dark (forbidden If you have thin lips).

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Extra tip: to include other cosmetics such as primers or prebases, Illuminators or more creative shades look in which part of the face and apply them according to the previous Guide. Sometimes in makeup, my dear friend, it is essential to have common sense.


Luxury False Eyelashes

excellent quality 2015 hot new 1Pair Paper Cutting Flower Eye Stickers Eyeliner Luxury False Eyelashes Freeshipping2 pairs fashion Paper Cutting Eye Stickers Eyeliner Royal luxury False Eyelashes Sticker For ClubParty Face make up

The reason why we cover this category of luxury lashes is entirely due to the fact that this is where you’ll find best artificial eyelashes. It will say that these eyelashes are in better quality, and more keep bars than the eyelashes which are located under the “Classic”.

Have you wondered how all celebrities get long and beautiful lashes? Then you have the answer here: artificial eyelashes. Here you can find luxury lashes, giving long and voluminous lashes you can’t remove your gaze from. What makes artificial eyelashes brilliant is that you can take them on and off whenever you want. You must for a big party at the weekend and you’ll see extra good? Then you should add luxury lashes. You will definitely be able to see a visible difference. Buy your eyelash extensions today!