Makeup with Colored Pencils

Recently, I have discovered Kohl pencils back totally for me. They are super easy and you can make-up a whole look with just a few products. This is the case with this look. In addition to foundation and mascara I used only this 3 Kohl pencils for eye makeup and lip makeup.   The pins […]

Eye Makeup

Makeup Products for Eyes

“Listen up, screw up your eyes! Or you plan to fight your first wrinkles at 16? “- once my mom told her pubescent daughter. I wanted to wear no glasses then partout, without which I’d seen nothing but and was so to speak forced to deform my eyes to two slots to run against a […]

Hair Care & Salon

Hair Care and Hair Styling Products Review

From time to time when you have to unwind, is it best to pamper both body and soul with delicious products. That’s why we’ve created an entire page exclusively with care products, so you can put all the focus on finding the best products for yourself. This article covers styling products as OSMO Styling Matt […]

Dental Care

Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Playful to independent brushing with the Sonicare for kids connected. So brushing is fun: the new sonic toothbrush care for kids connected Philips adapts to the specific needs of children and helps them to develop an effective tooth brushing routine. So playful sets the foundation for a lifelong healthy dental care. “Sparkly”, the personal trainer of […]

Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure Nails with Nail Accessories

Manicured hands and nails with nail accessories at Ehuacom Buy nail files, nail scissors and nail care accessories at Ehuacom manicured hands and nails belong to a neat appearance. The nails should be not only clean, but cut to a suitable length. At Ehuacom, you will find a wide variety of accessories for a professional and thorough […]


Dermaroller for Skin Health

Get young and beautiful skin with a dermaroller. With a dermaroller can achieve visible reduction of cellulite (also called cellulite), scars, pigmentation and pimples. It sounds too good to be true? The legend behind the product’s success is due to the innovative technique called micro needling. In short, this goes out on that dermarollers are […]


Breast Lift Tape Reviews

Breast tape is a new and exciting way to give your breasts a boost on. Never has it been more fashionable to go to tops with bar backs, as well as creating a natural bust. Both are tasks a normal bra can not solve why breast tape is the optimum choice. Breast tape promises your […]


Quick Start Guide to Learn How to Apply Makeup

Every woman, by more expert or beginner , which is on the theme of beauty, will have doubt at some point… I get first base or concealer? Is it necessary to use lip liner? Although there are no exact answers, there are small tips that make easier it. It takes into account this quick start […]

Eye Makeup

Luxury False Eyelashes

The reason why we cover this category of luxury lashes is entirely due to the fact that this is where you’ll find best artificial eyelashes. It will say that these eyelashes are in better quality, and more keep bars than the eyelashes which are located under the “Classic”. Have you wondered how all celebrities get […]