Manicure & Pedicure

How to Take Care of the False Nails

Every woman dreams of having beautiful nails and perfect, but keep the length can be a complicated task for some. If you’ve always dreamed of having long claws, the nails can be excellent alternatives. Found in numerous versions in the market, this accessory is applied easily, however, some doubts about the pós-colocação care still remain. […]


Peeling: Expert Tips

Beyond the superficial one of the foremost experts in the Brazil, peeling the dermatologist Marcelo Bellini reminds us that the treatment is effective especially for those who suffer with blemishes caused by blackheads or pimples, or even by pregnancy. “It’s ideal for those who want positive results, fast and safe. Even today, this option gains […]

Manicure & Pedicure

Hypoallergenic Nail Polish

New collection for those who do not get along with preservatives of traditional formulas. Yay! Are you a fan of colorful nails, but are allergic to components of the formula of most common jars? The Alergoshop, store specializing in hypoallergenic products, throws the vintage car collection, with 10 different colors, inspired by cars of the […]


Antibarriga Formula

For those who heard of the new antibarriga pill and cheered on parade on the beaches with thin waist and belly Board in the summer, without any effort, calm down! The solution to that tummy inconvenience continues being the old double: good nutrition and exercise. The remedy that just having the sale approved in Brazil […]