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Learn How to Use Makeup Brushes

Hi guys! Everything good with you? This post is a little retarded, but I finally have a little time to finish it today!! Who is in greater doubt on time to use makeup brushes? I confess that before I became a professional makeup artist I was brush terrors! That of sponge then passed away! Today, I see them as our best allies in time to make that skin finish, with that outlined in PER-FEI-TO kitten! And was thinking of possible doubt many of you readers, I decided to make this post: after all, what is the function of each brush? I separated some templates that I consider “essential”. I believe that with these, you can make the perfect makeup! Of course, if the money’s short, just the sponge can handle virtually all (Jaja you will understand why).

Sponge brush:

Collection set is without a doubt my favorite. Many professionals disagree, say that is not professional use of a material as simple, but believe me, the effect is amazing!

Like it is: the sponge brush is one that comes in almost every quartetinhos of shadows that we see out there, and usually has two ends with esponjinhas on both sides.

For serving: I use the sponge brush to apply shadows and leaves them super Pigmented!After you apply a primer for eyes (Urban Decay or of the Boticário), the eyelid is ready to receive the product, and how the shadows fall powder cake, it is better to press the sponge brush on the eyelid you know? Depositing all the shadow, and as it’s getting pigmentation of the product. If you think above the concave was very marked, can still go up in smoke! So I say, this is the B B B (Good, nice and cheap)!

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6 Tricks of Makeup

Party over here, party over there and our skin ends up being very beaten by great use of makeup and get back late and wake up early so to keep face doll, huge eyelashes and mouth like Angelina, just follow this 6 tricks of the magazine women’s health.

  1. Face set

Just follow the play of light and shadow, that is, clear some regions and dark others.”Regardless of skin color, the ideal is to use a loose powder two tone above its base,” Fabiana Gomes talks, senior makeup artist of M.A.C. As know what areas to apply, look at yourself in the mirror with a light source above the head. “Move around and see where the shadows: it is in these places that you must spread the product.” A general tip for those who want to fine tune the face is, with the help of a wide brush, depositing the dust along the imaginary line that runs from the top of the apples (near the top of the ears) to the corner of the mouth. Also the Centre of the forehead with liquid concealer a shade lighter than your skin. ”

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Eyelashes: That’s All That There Is To Know

Use and, above all, appreciate the false eyelashes is not all, but enough to know them and find out their potential order to be able to love. Here are the basics to learn to choose and wear the right ones for you!

Who among us has not dreamed a sweet doe eyes? All of us, at least once in your life, we would have liked to have thick eyelashes, long and super curved. Unfortunately, few women can boast of the lashes as well, but, fortunately, all the others may resort to false eyelashes, which give us immediately to look deep and defined much sought after.

But we can not always make the right choice when buying, in fact the ‘ main mistake that usually tends to make is to choose fake eyelashes too. Of course, the very name of this product implies its artificial nature, but, especially in recent years, were born of the eyelashes that are really very natural and they can seem almost real.

See eyelash faqs on

1. Know the different types of false eyelashes

For accurate choice it is fundamental to know well this interesting product. It will serve you first know that there are not only the classic called “false eyelashes tape“, but the market will find even those tufts. In the first case we speak of a tape with eyelash glue to be applied in full, very close to our natural. You can find the normal, colored or dizzyingly long super, or even with all types of applications, such as bows, sequins and feathers.

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How to Choose False Eyelashes

You can’t deny the power of a good make and, especially, as the false eyelashes can give an up in any production, whether a look from day to day, or in a more sophisticated, like looks, ballads.

Anyway, the false eyelashes already became indispensable in the jewel case and the darlings of makeup , no doubt, is a great resource for open and highlight the look. However, do you know which model is best for you?

So, today who was a bit reluctant to use this feature already understand that the false eyelashes value enough to make, which serve to enhance and highlight the eyes, however, is not just go out and buy the first pair to find ahead, in fact, there are already false eyelashes of various sizes and shapes that provide different levels of volume and stretching.

As you can imagine, the false eyelashes fuller creates a visual and striking and glamorous spaced, with long, thin, give more natural effect, but also have versions at tufts, that pasted one by one, allow you to create the effect you want – highlighting, for example, only the outer corner of the eyes-or fill gaps. However, the tip is to invest in models that respect the natural shape of the eyelashes, so leave the hair shorter on the inside corner and longer in the external, avoiding an artificial result.

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The Mascara That Recreate The Same Effect Of False Eyelashes

More curved? More voluminous? If you are still looking for the perfect lashes, here are four magical products that will give you what you asked for.

Every woman has their products for make up and, once found the right ones, it hardly evidence of new. Yet surely still you are looking for a mascara that makes your lashes voluminous as you see in advertisements. Anyone who dreams of having a more intense look, seductive and to fall at your feet who you want in a “flash.” Some are content to emphasize the eyes with eyeliner, pencils and eye shadows, but others unfortunately are a basket case, and you probably already know that – for some years now – the Japanese mascara have become popular around the world, such as the famous Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl. If you do not know, it is because you do not find in stores, but you can only buy it on Amazon or Ebay.

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