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Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Do you show a few years older than they really have? Do not you just cover gray hair! Here are 10 mistakes to avoid to look younger.

Every day we do everything to seem in perfect shape, beautiful and fresh. Or at least we try.

We take care of our appearance in every detail, we choose the makeup that makes us look radiant and that values ​​our eyes.

We wear clothes that suit our physical and we try not to eat all the chocolate you want.

Sometimes, however, before the mirror, something seems to have gone wrong. Continue reading

Contouring Your Face with Makeup

Dreams a make-up of a star? Try the contouring, the play of light and shadow to sculpt and enhance your face!

The contouring is a master of make-up, used to shape and redefine your face , minimizing defects and enhancing the natural beauty.

Contouring and highlighting are the terms used by professionals to indicate the play of light and shadows created on the face by a focused and wise application of land and enlightening, thanks to which you can get a radical change – optical illusion – the facial features , sculpted from the make-up so as to create volume and three-dimensionality. Continue reading

How to Make Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

In the evening, after a long day away from home, it’s time devoted to struccaggio, you have tried and tested many products without finding the perfect one for you and your habits. Some are too aggressive, others make your eyes burn, still others leave too much makeup residue; or you simply want to try your hand in creating an eye makeup remover DIY. In this article we will see together how to make four types of eye makeup removers: biphasic, cleansing milk, mousse and micellar water!

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How to Properly Apply Eyeliner

Smudge eyeliner, goodbye! Rows from preposterous forms, to never see you! This explains in a few easy steps how to put on eye makeup properly.

Oh, l’eyeliner!

That black line can enhance the eye, to stretch it and make it magnetizing!

It is a classic trick, much used in the past; You think that some say that one of the first women to use it was Cleopatra. Continue reading