Chanel Tattoo Ideas

Words or phrases engraved on the body, characters, symbols, drawings.The tattoos bombard the body of many young people and not only to tell, like a map of feelings, emotions and special moments. But you know, tattoos are indelible bottom and not all are sure to want to draw in via definitive signs and symbols on their figure. If you […]


Best Drugstore Mascara Review

The mascara is the most loved by women cosmetics eyes. Discover with us what are the 5 most beloved mascara ever. The look. What’s more seductive in a woman? If the checker is the first places in the ranking of cosmetic must-have, for sure the mascara is the product par excellence eyes, able not only to awaken immediately […]


Estée Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Tumi and   collaborate with the association LILIT(Italian League for the Fight against Cancer) to fight breast cancer and cancer in general, and to educate people on prevention and directing them towards early detection. Tumi offers us a line of accessories declined in pink, the color icon to the fight against breast cancer, for the next autumn winter 2010 2011 […]

Manicure & Pedicure

How to Take Care of Hands and Nails

How to obtain more and manicure and hands impeccabili. Ecco a complete tutorial, step by step. Hands are an important part of our body … talk about us, the care and attention we devote to ourselves. A manicured hand with healthy and beautiful nails transmits an image of us as elegant and tidy. For this reason it […]


Scarlett Johansson the One Dolce Gabbana

Scarlett Johansson is one of the Dolce & Gabbana’s muse, the American actress was disturbing choice for many campaigns, for the make-up line and the female version of The One fragrance. Today we offer the pictures of the new campaign for the ‘ limited edition of The One Lace, “The One Lace Edition”, the scent and the same Scarlett Johansson […]


Beauty Hacks that Will Change Your Life

The basic rules of make-up you do not come into your head? If you are not born to a well-kept makeup or you are too lazy for a flawless eyeliner, here are some quick trick to be perfect and sbrilluccicante during the holidays: from the lipstick hair If you are reading this article, there are two […]


Colgate Max White Contest

Colgate Max White One Optic launches the competition “Make Up Your Smile”, a unique opportunity that will offer five lucky girls the chance to meet the guru of make up, Clio Zammatteo, spokesperson for the brand. Toothpaste among the most popular of the moment and a stylish woman experienced combine to give us a very special experience,’s discover together all […]


Makeup Train

Raise your hand if the morning is always in a hurry. The alarm sounds, but we we linger under the covers, especially during the cold season, knowing that outside is too cold and we have too much sleep for the day. And we always end up with having breakfast as we go to take the train or the metro, […]


Iceberg Perfume Review

The brand Iceberg offers to all of us fashion victims two new fragrances missed, new entries in the Eau de Iceberg collection 74: These are: Jasmine Eau de Toilette pour Femme and Cedar Eau de Toilette pour Homme. Truly unique aromas, fresh and sensual, enriched with floral notes and fruity. But this is not the only innovation that the brand has in Serbia […]


How to Wear Makeup on Every Occasion

A make up more natural will be more suitable, more striking or more bizarre? These are the most common questions that we women set ourselves when we have to leave. Yes, because every occasion requires a different makeup for a glamorous look and appropriate to the context in which you find yourself.  An intense black smokey make-up is perfect […]