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What Not to Do When Making Tattoo

In addition to the precautions that you must take when choosing the design, the location where you want a tattoo, the professional and the studio, you have to pay attention to the care after you get the tattoo as it can be the most important part after the tattooing process, are the ones that care […]

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Wear Your Hair: You’re Doing It Right?

It may seem silly, but certain habits make a difference right now. It’s not just the double + dryer flat iron and chemical procedures that harm the health and appearance of the wires. The way you hold your hair when done the wrong way, can also result in damage. Renata Souza, owner of the trendy SPA Dios […]


How to Use the Argan Oil Hair

If there is a product that is truly being a revolution in hair cosmetics, this is the argan oil. Coming from Morocco, is a product enriched with many vitamins and essential components to maintain the beauty of the hair intact, as it provides a deep hydration and incomparable. It is also good to combat the frizzy, avoid and […]

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What Are the Best Tattoos on the Shoulder

The shoulder is a strategic place for tattooing, since the range of choices is varied, both in relation to how the formats sizes of tattoos. To assist in the task of choosing among so many options, will talk about what are the best tattoos on the shoulder and how to elect the one that matches your style.


How to End with Blackheads and Pimples in 7 Steps Infallible

The answer has more to do with changing habits, you know? “Help, has a spine in the middle of my forehead!” I’ve been through this situation? The acne is a hereditary skin disease which usually emerges at puberty, when hormones production starts pumping in the body. “In adolescence the appearance of blackheads and pimples happens […]

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Types of Makeup Products

Many people think that to be beautiful and have great products in their small necessity bag, need to be rolling in money, in fact, that’s a sorry common good of many women, who attend various places the same lipstick and a makeup already tired of war, and this extends to hair, a lot of people don’t treat properly their wires […]

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How to Have a Fair Skin

If it’s one of those people who have pigmentation problems or simply wish to have a lighter skin, the following tips are perfect for you. Then, we present to you the home remedies and more simple and economic tricks with which will be able to reduce some of the color of their skin tones. If you want […]

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How to Curl Hair with Foil

Wife loves a makeover. There are several techniques to adopt a new style, but the most popular technique is to simply renew the look of the hair, leaving it more straight, wavy or curly. If you have straight hair and got tired of the drained look, curl the strands with the help of a bit of aluminum foil is […]

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6 Tips for Not Regret the Tattoo

The tattoo is the most popular body modification world. This is a drawing perpetuated in human skin by inserting pigments with needles. Getting a tattoo can become a big problem since the drawing or sentence will follow you for the rest of your life and will be part of his personality. It is necessary to think of several […]