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How to Blow-dry Your Hair to Have Volume

Have a voluminous hair and full of movement is something that many girls want, especially the ones who have a very smooth or thin hair, which makes it even more difficult the fact of increasing the volume of your hair.

But there’s nothing you can’t get using proper technique, we teach you some tricks infallible to discover how to blow-dry your hair to have volume and get the hair you always wanted. Say yes to the movement and the volume, continue reading and find out how to get it.

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8 Things That Only Those Who Have Long Hair Considers

Time to share the dramas of everyday life!

Sporting long hair is not the easiest task, not … Below, we list the problems that only those who have, you know:

1) You are Terrified to Cut It

How many times did you ask your hairdresser to trim just the tips and, in the end, there goes half the length?And how could I forget the day when I left the salon with a cut just like a member of a band oitentista when all you wanted was the wavy sexy model Candice Swanepoel?

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Long Haircuts with Hangs

Straight, long, short, side… And you, how do you like the fringed? If you are thinking about renewing its look, but want to keep their long hair, please note the following article because today we will propose to you long haircuts with bangs.

There are multiple options to get your beautiful hair with an informal appearance thanks to a pretty fringe that suits your face. Discover the latest trend styles that will give you a fancy air would do. We had the looks and perfect cuts to be fashionable and feel more beautiful than ever.

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How to Make Honey Scrubs

The use of honey in beauty treatments to improve your skin is something known to all, since this is one of the great natural moisturizers which easily afford. For this reason, and due to its amazing cleaning properties, it is also possible to end up with dead cells that take brightness and softness to the skin, that is, using it as a homemade exfoliant. There are several treatments that can experiment and that will help you get a totally renewed skin, silky and beautiful. Watch this article of a and I want you to know how to make Exfoliating with honey.

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How to Make Scrub with Aloe Vera

The amazing properties of aloe vera for skin are known to all, for without doubt this plant has become a natural alternative for treating many skin problems, so as to enhance its beauty. Among the many uses that can give the aloe vera in the world of cosmetology, we find that is a perfect help to exfoliate the skin of the face and body and let it free of waste, toxins and impurities. In addition, allows you to renew the tissues from the deeper layers and the skin to become very soft and light. Continue reading this article from a to find out how to make exfoliating with aloe vera.

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The Myths and Truths About This Story to Stop Using Shampoo

If we tell you to stop using shampoo can leave your hair more beautiful and hydrated, do you believe?

Want to know the secret of celebrities such as Adele and Jennifer Aniston to ensure beautiful hair? It’s simple: they have reduced drastically the use of shampoos. If you twisted his nose, know that more and more women come from adhering to the on the poo and low poo, hair care who preach the abandonment (gradual or total) of products with chemicals that, over time, cause health damage of wires.

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The Ponytail to “I Dream of Jeannie”

Jeannie gave already dictating that trend dives in the 1960. Want some advice? Copy.

For the young, an explanation: the series I dream of Jeannie (I Dream of Jeannie) was American TV’s success between 1965 and 1970. The main character, played by Barbara Eden diva, was responsible for perpetuate hair-ponytail superalto, topped by a lock of hair (or braid) that has appeared frequently in red carpets. As 2016 marks 50 years of the series, very fair remember that capillary contribution as relevant with inspirations and a tutorial for you to copy the look.

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4 Mistakes That (Almost) Everybody Does While Taking Bath

Could it be that their habits are not damaging your skin?
Shower was to be one of those impossible things to do wrong, but there are some hidden errors that we miss when you jump into the box. We’re not going to deny that the sensation of falling water on our body is wonderful, but it is important to notice some basic mistakes that can be harmful to the skin, leading to even more serious diseases because of dryness, such as psoriasis and eczema.
Here, you find out what not to do while having your bath. And still know the why of it all be wrong.

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20 Essential Nutrients for a Healthy Hair from A to Z

What you eat influences directly on the health of the hair.

If you wash, hydrates and cut your hair regularly, but still feels that he is not as healthy as it should, the problem may be the power supply. As well as the rest of the body, their wires need various nutrients to stay strong, and these can only be purchased through balanced meals that include vitamins, minerals and proteins.

The dermatologist specializing in hair Husain Chandra, of São Paulo, shares a list of nutrients that are essential to leave your hair the way you always dreamed of. Ever loose the hair and comes with us, baby.

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