Sunscreen Is the Best Antirrugas!

A lot of people are behind a antirrugas miracle cream. Or want to magical formulas to prevent skin aging. What few people know is that the simple habit to pass the sunscreen can prevent skin aging. Did you know that? Not only protects against the harmful effects of the sun (sunburn, skin cancer, moles …), but prevents photoaging. Photoaging is the skin […]


Babyliss Miracurl: To Make Perfect Curls without Any Effort

The technology has always been an ally of the beauty industry. It’s not just for developing cosmetics, but to make the most practical and usable tools for beauty professionals and the general public. A product to hit the market recently and is giving that talk is the MiraCurl babyliss. Does this babyliss is really better than […]

Hair Care & Salon

Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments

The hair is beauty concern of many people, especially if you’re falling too much. Lose a little hair is normal. The fear of many is that the hair loss for a baldness evolves. A person loses on average of 50-100 threads per day, according to experts (American Academy of Dermatology). Often, lose a little more hair is not […]


Moroccanoil Oil Is Good for Hair?

The Moroccanoil has become a worldwide phenomenon in the beauty industry. Many beauty professionals play (and exaggerate) in saying that this is the 21st century treatment oil. Many companies have tried to copy the success of Moroccanoil and argan oil component became the “sensation of the moment”. Went on to appear in all kinds of products for hair -treatment […]


Sunscreen Sprays Really Work?

Everyone has heard that using sunscreen is essential to prevent damage to the skin, diseases (such as skin cancer) and signs of premature aging. The cosmetics industry has improved a lot the formulas of sunscreens in recent years. There are protectors for all skin types (considering the oil), with color, with various textures and forms […]


Three Minutes for a More Productive Morning

Always wonder what can I do to make my day tomorrow is more peaceful and happy. As a person anxious, take a few minutes to think about it every night is essential. Today I came across a video of professional planner Alejandra Costello who speaks exactly about how to wake up better and more productive, and the […]


Breakfast with Protein Can Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is a hard challenge that requires discipline and behavioral changes. Every day there appears a “diet of success” in the media, which causes if put in doubt what must be done to eat better. The problem is that fads are passengers and living healthy, lasting weight loss cannot be is really adopting a […]


Weight Every Day: Good or Bad for Weight Loss?

“Face the scales” is almost a “ritual of torture”. Grief can be stressful for anyone who is in the process of weight loss or maintenance phase. Weigh every day is good? Help for those who want to lose weight? Is there a best time to weigh? Can weigh every day? Good or bad for your head? What better way to “confront the scale”? […]