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Hair: Mother of Pearl

We are constantly bombarded with new trends for hair.

It seems that, suddenly, the traditional colours have no more space between the more fashions and tuned.

And so, another trend, slow, coming and already winning who loves a novelty: Mother of pearl hair, which translated means mother Pearl Hair.

Well, it seems that the women are no longer content with simply colored hair, it is not enough to have color, it has to be different, and so, Mother of pearl has everything to be very successful.

Plus, for those who always wanted to have colored hair but don’t want anything to be so radical or even fight with your professional life, the Mother of pearl is perfect. And you know why?

Because the result is subtle … just like her own mother, looking like a rainbow reflected in the hair.

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Sin of Color Now!

The holidays and the year-end coming up and you with that color “White office” does not give right baby! LOL. You want to roll with a bronze envy in any mortal? Then check out the valuable tips that I brought to you.

1) Deal with the times indicated sun exposure: up to 10 and after 16 hours’re all released (with their proper care RS!).

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Frees Forelock!

Hello girls, my first post as an official blogger I Phyna, next to my beloved Ana Paula, will be on two very cool products tested, I loved it and recommend to all! You who like to hang out with loose and tight curls will love this news. Although I use my well voluminous hair when I go out, I like the clusters are well defined.

A few months here have tested various creams to comb that has left my hair heavy with the result out to my liking, so I chose to leave in, and quite like, but still do not go out when was the way I wanted. In a conversation with a fellow gym she pointed me models mousse and sets of take care of yourself from the apothecary line. I decided to buy as soon as passed by the store and it was what I did.

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Put the Scissors! 10 Short Hair for You to Be Inspired

I have short hair two years ago and do not think about growing anytime soon. After you cut really the first time and see the practical it is to have a short hair, longing to have a big hair goes away! so it was with me and now I am a staunch defender of short hair hahahahaahah.

Many people ask me if I do not I miss having long hair and the answer is: not even remember what it was like hahahaha. For those who ponders the idea of ​​cutting, brought 13 celebrity hair for you inspiration. It has since radical hansel style (which I love, I too lindooooo) to the longbobs, at the shoulders, for those who still’re afraid to let go.

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How to Moisturize Curly Hair

Maintain a healthy hair and a perfect curls sometimes is a little complicated, but in reality it’s always keep you hydrated. One of the features of curly hair is, without a doubt, their tendency to stay dry, so it is important to incorporate new beauty techniques and maintenance in our daily care.

If you think your hair is indomitable and can’t find a way to always leave beautiful, please note the following article. Today we will explain to you the secrets to learn how to moisturize curly hair. Choose the appropriate product and use the home remedies to strengthen and give life to your hair. Take note!

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How to Make Scrub with Oats

Why buy a business scrub when you can do it at home with the best ingredients? There is no doubt that the natural cosmetics is in vogue, so in a we offer to you the best solutions so that you can make your own products, leveraging the use of certain ingredients and taking advantage of its properties.

And when it comes to oats, its benefits to the skin are several, helping to eliminate dead cells, clean the skin, reduce itching or inflammation, and also hydrate it, becoming a perfect ally for a beautiful skin. So you can potencialize the most of it, nothing better than using it to exfoliate your body or face, so we explained to you how to make exfoliating with oats and get a skin.

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Fringe Dossier

I am a passionate confesses the fringes I keep my few good years, half or long curtinha, but never without fringe! And the short bangs are a classic that always end up coming back, and these days, the fire in the ass came over me and I decided to cut my own. Claaaro who gave bad, it was very short and I had to use clip and a couple of weeks until the cease damage. Maaaas, hair grows, and in three weeks my fringe was the way I wanted when I decided to cut and I’m loving too much, because I really love having bangs!

My now it’s like this:

I am kinda tart yet, I know, but I expect it to grow even go to a professional to find a way. Cut alone ever again, that’s the moral ahhaha. But, the lesser of evils, she’s really cool now, and my inspiration goes through the fringe of several famous, most have changed the hair but I leave always saved, and decided to share with you that wants to have bangs too <3 ( just does not cut alone if you have -14 coordination like me)

How Do I Know If My Hair’s Fried

The appearance of the hair is one of the most important elements in the image of any woman, since, without doubt, a beautiful hair, careful and shiny enhances our beauty to a large extent. However, frequent problems such as using blow dryers or curling irons, the chlorine of the swimming pools, the water of the sea, the sun, the dyes or colorings, can damage the hair fibers in excess, to the point that many times the hair is burned and therefore damaged, rough and easy to move. In the following article to a help you know if your hair’s fried, showing the characteristics that define and, in addition, we disclose to you the best treatments to regain its health and beauty.

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Make Homemade Moisturizing Hair

For you can give that shine to your hair, you should make a moisturizing, and the most appropriate time to do this treatment is in winter.

Making the hydration you will be able to make a searing and reconstruction of your hair. The hydration of hair is keratin protein and other products that moisturize and leave the hair more malleable, silky and shiny.

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