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Make-up Routines that are a Real Camouflage Antirrugas

If over the years is beginning to leave marks on your face, nothing like the disguise with cosmetic products and the beautifying certain gestures. Here’s how you should proceed.

The age, for many that care has, does not forgive. If wrinkles are beginning to mark your face, nothing like the disguise with cosmetic products and make-up gestures right. Here, the goal is the cloak and the smoothing of the skin. If you choose to put on her face at home, Ricardo Pedro, makeup artist professional, advises the don’t hide too wrinkles because it can be an artificial work. See, then, the best way of disguise.


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Makeup that Disguise Bumps and Imperfections

The cases of acne in adult women have been increasing. Discover the solutions, products and the gestures that can appeal to improve the appearance of skin without harm.

A good makeup do real miracles. Is able to erase blemishes and imperfections. On the other hand, incorrect application can highlight its flaws. The Ultimate Beauty tells you what you must do to conceal razor bumps or imperfections. The first step is hydrate skin very well, says José Teixeira, makeup artist. This professional alert to the importance of don’t squeeze pimples ‘, emphasising that ‘ fixes more easily a simple pimple than a crust.

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The New Hair Treatments are Effective?

Innovations follow a breakneck pace. With the help of a specialist, we explain how and why you should use and abuse the new multifunction formulas.

The hair is our second card, then to the face. And, as such, deserves the same degree of dedication. The logic is just a. If we apply exfoliating, moisturizing creams, séruns, tonics and acids, in an attempt to maintain a youthful countenance, we should also do the same with the hair. This explains the boom of new hair care for all hair types and needs, providing increasingly personalized actions.

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16 Ideas to Save € 1,000 at the Hairdresser

There are a number of options and small gestures that you can make a lot. Discover a series of solutions that may be used to reduce the invoice without losing in beauty.

A new season has arrived and with it the desire to renew the visual. The hair, the Sun assaulted seawater and chlorine of the swimming pool needs a general treatment and a trip to the hairdresser can make all the difference in your image. However, acquiring a new cut, hairstyle and coloring, plus some extra treatment that may be suggested may cost you dearly.


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Hair Cloning still Raises Doubts

In development since the beginning of the Decade, presents itself as a promising solution for men and women with alopecia. Learn how this method works, still under study.

Cloning of the hair follicle can make people who until now could not resort to surgical hairpiece in candidates for this procedure. In the early 2010, 20,000 hair is the maximum amount that one could withdraw from a donor area, but some patients may need more than 60,000 to restore your natural density. With the development of new techniques of cloning can obtain many of the same donor area hair.

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Big Chop

Find out all about the perfect haircut to get rid of all the chemicals and blow a look 100% natural.

In addition to the entire movement “in the make-up” are more and more women who say no to Relaxers, extensions and other treatments, and who accept their hair as they are. However take care of hair always easy especially for those with hair more difficult to tame. Often smooth curly or curly hair makes your routine easier, always damaging them deeply.

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The Makeup That Conceals Redness

Periods of temperature extremes can interfere with the health and beauty of your skin. Learn what to do to protect your epidermis.

The Sun in the summer and cold in winter can cause redness in your skin. Some foods and allergy conditions can also affect the health and beauty of your complexion. One of the ways we have to prevent this situation undergoes clean skin and remove impurities daily. “For all kinds of imperfections, and especially for this, it is important to clean the skin with a gentle tonic and hydrate it before makeup,” says Eva Villa, professional make-up artist.

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Androgenic Alopecia Is Rising In Portugal

Pathology of capillary Forum no longer affects only men alarmingly. They are also increasingly by the (few) hair with the problem. Here’s how to halt and even reverse some of its effects.

Androgenic alopecia is the correct name for the genetic baldness, a problem that also affects many women. In this type of alopecia, dihydrotestosterone (byproduct of testosterone) shortens the anagénica phase (growth) of genetically sensitive hair and with each cycle, these are becoming thinner, shorter and clearer to the point of not being born anymore. Continue reading

Hair and Makeup Trends that are in Vogue

Eyeliner, darkened lips, a technicolor effect for a more modern and urban face, tight waves and chignons are the rules for the fall/winter of 2016/17.

Eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner… This was the trend more exploited in the makeup looks of the season. For the autumn/winter of 2016/17, not only by the traditional cat eye, because this is only one of the versions seen in the most memorable shows of the season. Yes, in addition to the black eyes with graphic designs seen at Oscar de la Renta or Kenzo, will be able to use and abuse of color and even, perhaps, use two tones. Continue reading

They are Making More Hair Transplants and They’re Asking for More Beard

The increase of cases of alopecia in women is a reality that many are already trying to fight. In men, in addition to the baldness, the concern goes to the face.

Studio shot of beautiful young couple in jeans wear standing back to back and smiling
The number of women using plugs to plug hair failures is increasing and the number of men that seeks to enhance the amount of beard on his face, too. In an interview with Ultimate Beauty, Isabel de Lara Soares, Physiatrist and Clinical Director of DHI clinics network, explains the phenomenon and lists some of the major advances in this area. There is a greater demand and in younger ages», confesses to an expert.

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