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Beauty: White Eyeliner Henrik Vibskov A/w 2014 – Spaghetti Hand Job

The upcoming autumn collection from Henrik Vibskov entitled “spaghetti hand job” and I have no idea why. At this moment I’m namely sitting in a little Café somewhere in Copenhagen, with much hot cocoa, but without my notebook. I can now look on the Internet for an explanation, but sometimes already enough of your own head. Yes basically is all a matter of interpretation.

The spaghetti issue extends for one half eternity like a thread by Vibskovs creations. Spaghetti hair on heads, spaghetti fringed dresses, spaghetti Dick on shirts and spaghetti girls on the catwalk. This is of course a matter of interpretation. But now comes the hand job yet. A nod to our society? Sure that a synonym for beauty has become skinny and quite a few men of this earth after “hand jobs” thirst of spindle spaghetti women? Probably not. We could now so collectively search for a more suitable response. Or just dive into the world of Henrik of the great one who always manages it with his partially deconstructed creations, to wrap the fingers and us in love to make in beautiful garment bags: Continue reading

Beauty New In The Bag: The Beauty Blast Of The Month

Pet friends now just over your hair and knock friends gently on the shoulder: you’re almost there. A, let’s say about jumping dear month is almost behind and the best days, thank God, still ahead of us.

February, the most boring of all month Sisters of the family of the year, but also not an easy does it. Have we no: at the moment it brings, with obvious reasons, half as much fun as in other times in the year. Lost in weather aggressiveness, it is massage sometimes just the sauna visit, an extensive treatment at the beautician or the three hour Thai down on the corner, which save us through the day. Or but just the little beauty new access in the bag: Continue reading

Living Room Experiment We Hang Together #the2ofus with Calvin Klein ck2

Last week I dared a little experiment, I placed a bottle along with new ck2 so fragrance by Calvin Klein middle on my coffee table. Let’s see what happen, I thought to myself. He is ever so pretty to look at as a design object. As he smells, to do this we will come, once must at this point be said that me turning with each trial and staring at and in the hands of a small mental flashback the header along roll: ck1 – you remember?

Just right thought so if my provisional living room table decorations really and truly to be the successor of the famous classic. Genderfree is he again (which we like especially well and avoids possession claim dispute between all pairs), also fresh as fuck and hot as hell. In my nose, a fragrance blend of “naked run through the gate road” unfolds with each “Pffft” and “Shoulder blade kiss in the sleet before the Samy”.

  Continue reading

Beauty Of The Pager Buttons In Colour Explosions – Slide Richesse Hi-Visibility Intensive Colour by L’ L’Oreal Professionnel

Yes people, correctly identified – it is clearly about hair. If L’ namely knocks L’Oreal Professionnel and beckons with a small hair novelty, I am but the last one that screams not: made with the stuff, produced with DIA Richesse Hi-visibility intensive colour. Very much more power on my head in the wind – what it was so far above, as this used kitchen towel.

Yes Yes – Let’s go in the Salon of the wonderful Andre Martens, one of my absolute Favorites in Berlin, because he is not just a great hairdresser, but also a real buddy type, the although his saloon at the other end of my Berlin world has – but who is already perfect. Le Figaro himself is personally takes care of my small projects. I’m ready: Continue reading

New In The Bag The Beauty Blast Of The Month

Now, half of the month is out. You again chain smoking presided over the TV and waiting for the jungle camp, bankrupt anyway – Christmas, an expensive Festival, is behind you and also the non-resolutions, that you didn’t – touch friends with Campari O in the the supermarket firecrackers they seem as far away as the next summer rain.

But that’s okay, there’s the beauty of your skin and the endless expanse of the care of it Yes still. We start so erquickt and with new large and small treasures in a year full of surprises. New in my bag sneaked has attachment-free: what with Tiger, what with 7, what with pink, what with oil and what with cow – but see it simply itself Continue reading

Fair Friday My 3 Favourite Cosmetic Brands

With cosmetics, it’s like with friendships, the good ones always remain, the less good ones are sorted out shortly after expiration date. Keep it exciting and fresh, variety may not be missing. That’s why I during the particularly dear won, by which time I time three cosmetics brands one and even prefer the other.

I cover the full range of non-decorative cosmetics with these three European companies: vegan, sustainable, without chemicals and without any problems in Germany available.

I pay attention to cosmetics with descending importance on the following: vegan and without animal testing, high-quality and sustainable ingredients, smell and texture, made in Europe, packaging design, corporate philosophy. Continue reading

Beauty First Signs Of Spring – Back To Orange Lips!

I think lipstick is exactly that which is for kids saying cheese for adult women. Both accumulates over time in both corners of the mouth, and is there really not pretty to look at. It is very bad for me personally whenever I reach for to bang matter and at the same time deep red color, so I eventually switched to the delicate bearing of the Orange top performers – I imagining me anyway, so a touch dry coral was slightly more bearable to watch as lumpy glowing fire flaps of skin. Various reasons ominous, the color was “Orange” but then again into oblivion, it was now even quite self-confident pink on the lips. Way it was possible to fall and then winter, because I feel but very little desire on both, moving into my bathroom keeps starting immediately the beauty spring. Way is Dorothee Schumacher any blame for this, the German designer that just chased several pumpkin girls on the catwalk. Continue reading

Beauty Show Me Your Nails, And I Tell You Who You Are – On The Road With Alessandro

While my colleagues with Argus eyes and Smartphonehanden in the collections of the catwalks of the fashion drilled week Berlin into it, I had a very different mission: to watch namely, to hang me on the finger of the fashion world you all on the hands – watch, analyze. There are many types of tasks and preferences in this fashion week – and thus also the hands and nails in various States find themselves. They all are the same in principle, but in the end they could not be more different, as well as their wearers.

Nevertheless, in four basic types let themselves a very probably categorize the protagonists of the fashion week. Together with Alessandro I have placed me on the lookout and that they came up with: Continue reading

Spotted Hair Clips Against the Tristesse

While out there, the wind against our attic window whips and the smell of thirty litres felt me Chamomile tea against stomach is a little bad, plays the world due to the events of the past days and years so crazy that anyone attempting to distract themselves with beautiful looks like a mindless waste of time. But it should not be so, moreover we are in agreement. In my bookmarks bar I was looking today tomorrow so the shallowest sprinkler I had ever tagged me, what I found was a hair clip by Chanel, unbezahlblar, but pretty to look at. I think that has always been so. During the post-war period in the 50s for example, during the biggest economic crisis the world had ever seen, one focused reason always on the pompous, you sometimes overdid it with the waste of fabric and wrapped, perhaps out of spite, in the rich yarn, you could find to show the life that it goes to the enemy, the sadness, the kill to make. Many of my friends now attend concerts, refill wine in the restaurant, or make the living room to the cake paradise. Continue reading

eauty in the TEST Dove I Make You Beautiful Skin? The New Dove Dermaspa Line Is Here!

BYou knew that already: German women cream 5 minutes our body in the cut. After all, two minutes longer than our Dutch neighbours. Whether weekly or every day for 81 percent of the women heard body lotion to the fixed standard maintenance program to ensure. Although the face and hands so far still better at away come. Because if time is once again running, almost half (47 percent) of us most likely it would refrain apply a and would rather prefer the makeup and the hair style.

In almost all women feel after the little “quality time”-cream a session more beautiful and more comfortable in their Haut. Woher I again everything knows? From the Dove body love report of course, the Dove with over 1200 women from Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom implemented has, to make the connection between personal care, time for self and self-awareness to the bottom. Continue reading