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Beauty DIY Hand Scrub Aka Cuddly Paw Alarm

See let’s the fact in the eye: in addition to our brain, we have two more “power tools” that are now really getting into using and which we like too often neglect. Write love letters, cake baking, stroking to sleep, type emails, bind bouquets, InstaStories record, shaking hands, even in the nose drill – our two paws have the hands full throughout the day. Clearly as the dumpling soup, that they even have earned a decent reward in form of a pampering programme after all the completed tasks, you don’t find?

I know, quite pretty much requires alone hands can cream be a load seated in the neck. Even I fail every day. While I, packed tubes with fanciesten ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins and lipids to trick myself, preventive measure in any of my handbags, so I can not even go the moisturizing procedure out of the way. But I tell you what: I have super powers and can completely hide objects from my field of vision. Objects called hand creams. Now winter is and my two paws at all doesn’t like to have the cold. But precisely because the one or the other time for the whole uberanstrengenden should thank deeds our hands, it’s time for a little SPA Edition.  Continue reading

Beauty New In The Bag: The Beauty Blast Of The Month

That I don’t belong to the true beauty cronies of the industry, we do not again have to go through at this point, we know by now pretty much everyone. And still I stumble then and when again and again about small highlights, which can be also my tender beauty heart higher bounce. And if that happens, then it jerks of course in my fingers, to share exactly the chosen Wundermittelchen.

Although I belong rather to the category “once deemed good, already set”, especially the bulging goodie bags fashion week but conveniently ensured that I moved my own Beautifier horizons once again about Aesop, and the cosy comfort left zone. And so also a new cream in my bag, I may no longer be here, an eyebrow booster, which conjures up curved frame with bristles and a hue for the lips, which surprisingly always fits can be found next to one for fabric softener scented shampoo. Continue reading

Beauty Hacks Your Eye Shadow Can Do More Than You Think

Question: what can an eyeshadow rest yet, except on the eyelid? Very strange question on a rainy day? Sure thing: a lipstick is a hair treatment definitely on the hair on the lips, and yes damn belongs an eyeshadow on the eyelids. But awakes one morning, slowly opens the still sleepy eyes, you still with the tousled mane of muckelig warm bed rolls imagine sometime not realizing in the bath, while your feet touch the cool tiles tap and then her notes: nothing is more like it once was. All products are gone. No lipstick, no nail polish, no strobing powder and also not a rouge. Everything away! Up on the eyeshadow.

Good, now the exaggerated version by: sometimes we have simply no desire to carry around the entire arsenal of beauty with us. This cluttered bag always and everywhere in a handbag the make-up utensils flying around. Maybe just the eyebrow gel is just empty or the eyeliner has given up just his spirit, the nearest drugstore is simply not in the immediate vicinity and the date rings already on the door. Long story, short: sometimes it is worth to watch professionals over the shoulder and to pick up the one or the other trick i want to share with you directly. And this time it’s about eye shadow so the secret weapon and therefore how you can misuse this beauty dick best of all! Since eyeshadow has a sly old dog behind the ears and can make far more than only the eyelids. How? Will i tell you of course. Ready? Continue reading

Meet the Team: Elina Neumann | Beauty & Healthy Living

Who last week exactly has looked in the team photo of our Christmas celebration, which will have already discovered, that our small, fine Editor besides me and Nike has now grown to incredible six solid authors: Sarah, Julia (Koch), Laura and Julia (Korbik) you already know – and now two more ladies in the wings. We want to imagine today one of them: Elina Neumann is that together with our Scalamari Jane off immediately the topic of beauty and healthy living address and try it out for you, do research like crazy, and beauty brands more closely scrutinized to make to here no nastiest more too short coming. Beauty interested you is obviously equal to twice – exactly are now a dual leadership. So easy!

But this was not long ago with the innovations: you may give our two Blondis namely starting immediately the one or other order and holes the two with your questions so that they can begin looking for answers: self testing, product testing, stories behind the brand or absurd trends of overseas all around the topic must be of beauty & healty living here. Now, what Burns you on your heart? Now but once in turn, because we start today very delicate and only once in detail present Elina or let them rather, come herself to Word:

  Continue reading

Beauty The “Nude By Nature” 3 Points Plan – A Make Up Tutorial For Make Up Ring

It is usually not so easy to convince me of beauty collaborations, finally we have brought the two full professionals Scalamari and Elina for a very good reason in our team boat. The two really know where the make up Hare long runs. I, however, not at all. Instead I not quite selfish sanzgiri me for months in the #NoMakeUp swamp, mostly out of laziness. But also, because I rarely stumble upon products, which hold promise. That really healthier instead of merely painted fully make me look, if you understand what I mean. If I’m quite honest, it lusted me down and back, but after a touch of glow, which is able to cover the tracks of everyday life. To too little long sleep and then the period nights. Sometimes you want to simply cheat. But if, then right. Not in the sense of “doll”, but almost invisible. I had cream of nude by nature a tube of the sheer glow BB so deliver to our potential cooperation should primarily revolve. Quickly occurred to me that you probably quite deliberately chosen wanted Sarah and me as a self-confessed makeover muffle, as hardness test, so to speak. Armed with my basic negative attitude towards colour mush I turned the alleged magic me so. And was at the same time very little hat. Continue reading

Beauty Special 10 + Questions To Makeup Artist Annika Noack Aka Aennikin

Every time, if I am fortunate to be wearing makeup, a makeup artist I ask him or her according to her or his ultimate beauty tips, step by step instructions and own cosmetic preference – and more and more are only one response: natural cosmetics, and less is more, it is. Instead of the big players of the beauty, the alternative niche products celebrate their great success in the industry now, and the well-known brands should act gradually to not miss the sustainable trend. Annika Noack aka Aennikin, I just grabbed me in the nude by nature event in the penultimate week for you, to you to chat on our beauty special questionnaire is one that now exclusively uses natural ingredients and Beautifier.

Between beauty shoots, a professional Hamburg trip and various brush strokes she summed up today so for us, what undertakes against skin aging, looks like your morning beauty routine and what diy tip she like would pass by heart. Who would like to follow on their journey through the wonderful world of Aennikin, who would do that by the way, necessarily on Instagram. There are is a whole load of beautiful inspiration for you and an excerpt of her last editorial work on top.  Continue reading

Beauty Special 10 + Questions to Sarah Jane

I am always saying, no small beauty ring would fit in me, however I noticed on the weekend at the crap out only how many little helper I’m moving very well, very happy to recommend. On average we have 50 beauty products in the bathroom, betrayed us Kaya of “stop the water while using me” once, and I obviously belong to those who are driving up the cut – and that even though I use every day really all that much. The legs in the belly stand half-empty packs, samples and once used, colored Kajalstifte – and absolutely not be used. Blessing in disguise: I finally got a chest of drawers in the bathroom, that hides everything, however, in the blink of an eye made me a little messy. Mucking out was Saturday so mandatory!

Before our beauty special goes further in the coming week with true professionals, do I start today in the team and answer my 10 + questions and show you what why helps me best of all. Continue reading

How Will My Hair Good Feat. John Frieda & the Chance at a Barbershop in London

I have one with flying fluff, which repeatedly dig through the outer coat and look at bad moments as they would contact up well at all since I can think, smooth and color a hair problem. It even happens that these lie white small bubble at the end of each broken hair depending on the outfit over my dark clothes such as the bright peak of a fiber optic lamp from the 90s. Just to mention the bosses called humidity, which is able to conjure up abstract hair fabric from the flat hairstyles. Through the use of social media, I also suffer acute hair envy. You just look at these ebony black, anchormen splendor of Gilda Ambrosio, it not is sometimes really unbearable. Blame for the extent of said head misery is even fault, most likely my hairdresser abstinence and the rough household scissors and probably I should be looking for simply a professional at regular intervals, but it won’t do anything for years. Therefore i’ve decided sometime very reality drunk, to do at least that right what is right with little effort. By Zuhaue from. The brush around, decorating and especially the care of potential Gilda splendour. Continue reading

Beauty Special 10 + Questions On Beauty Blogger Denise Kastull

On my almost 29 years old adventure trip, I left quite different stages of beauty behind me, i fought with pimples and i once even a fringe cut, because i just could not let the fingers of my forehead – and, oh, let’s. I practiced me of delicate blue eyeshadow and stroked him up to the barely plucked eyebrow. I used bleach spray to become still blond and eventually perfected the eyeliner. Then came the departure, the lazy phase, of which i have told you so many times. The eyebrows grew back (thank god!), came to light the real skin color and hair color not more changed my 16th year of life will be.

So slowly but surely she is however again aroused passion for creams and nastiest for crazy styling experiments and new, yet unexplored beauty products from the world of natural beauty. Our beauty experts of our small but fine specials are to blame for this. And this week we get power equal triple with onboard – with a real beauty expert, blogger and beauty vloggerin: the speech is, of course, by denise kastull aka nisi by teetharejade that makes common cause with her sister desiree for years. For us, she has set her personal best of beauty list together today, sent with your favorite holiday picture and her personal tutorial tip aka the ex-therapy meeting the out-gekramt: Continue reading

Fashion Valley of New Glasses and Vanities.

Unaided I’m a quite Mole, but at least one, whose Welt front perfect pore-free skin is full of only so, there are visually little sharp, for that much soft, quite so, as if it had a delicate peach filter about every friend, the landscape and also the mirror image of their own. Point one and two are practical, point three is fatal. It gave blackheads patch, which I initially to do knew I didn’t see Yes the extent of my nose mountain me as a hint, the Zaunfall already. A small curvature of the cornea there on it which also free up at my birth and overall that probably means that I more should dare better not step without lens or glass front of the eye, for respect for security (and also the aesthetic sensibilities) of my fellow man not alone. What sounds like a simple task – glasses buy, install, finish – proved during the last years a medium impossibility and, since I’m now simply times completely honest, blame for this was mainly my vanity, which I normally always claim she was a fairly inconspicuous plant. Continue reading