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In Paris Will Parade The First Men

Finally the fashion world is kind of us and gives us the importance that we deserve. After ten years of opening the Paris catwalk with the Haute Couture Collections. This year it is up to us, men, What We marched for the first time with the male prêt-à-porter collections. Continue reading

A Walk through America’s Next Top Model

We had yesterday that Whitney Thompson proved to be the winner of this year’s America’s Next Top Model, American format that corresponds here to Supermodel, but to be more exact, say that it is the original contest that nothing has to do with our Edition but yes have been exported to other countries such as Germany, England, France, Canada, Australia and even Afghanistan. Continue reading

Monday Starts Supermodel 2008 in Four

There is less, all the fans of the program stay tuned to your screens because on Monday April 28 at 3: 30 in the afternoon, beginning a new supermodel. Here I bring you the trailer announcing the program, which will be broadcast during hours of table, and another video of the castings. Continue reading

Controversial Anthropometric Study

It seems that Cibeles esta doomed to the debate about the thinness the models, body mass index, Anorexia, and now the sizes. On Monday started the autumn-winter 2008/09 of the gateway Edition with three models not supported by failing to meet the required BMI, which is set in an 18. As if this wasn’t enough, the anthropometric study launched by the Ministry of health It has attracted many opinions among professionals in fashion that meet these days at Cibeles. Continue reading

Jon Kortajarena, The Best Spanish Model

They say that a look is worth more than thousand words. And in the case of Jon Kortajarena, it is true. With beautiful blue eyes, he has become one of the most sought-after models on the international scene. The Bilbao is one of the leading Spanish representatives on the catwalks of the world. Continue reading

The Winner of Supermodelo 2007

On Monday held the final gala of Supermodelo 2007. That night he should decide which of the four finalists, Alba, Noelia, Magdalena and Isabel, he will represent Spain at the international contest Elite Model Look of the Year, to take place soon in Turkey. Continue reading

There Will Be No Supermodel 2008

Supermodelo 2007 enters its final stretch. Soon we will know who will be the Spanish representative in the competition Elite Model Look of the Year. What we know now is that the coming year there will be a third edition of this game show.

Four has confirmed that will not issue supermodel 2008. Apparently, the chain of Grupo Prisa executives are unhappy with the program produced by Zeppelin TV audiences. When the first edition was released in 2006 became the program chain. However, these recent programs have failed to attract viewers, despite offer “more cane and more meat” to the audience, that is supposed to be what we ask. Continue reading

Marie Claire Celebrates 20 Years

This year, the firm Dior has fulfilled 60 years, Valentino 45, y Roberto Verino 25. But there are still more events to celebrate: the Spanish edition of the magazine Marie Claire celebrates 20 years. And he does it in style, with a special issue full of surprises. Continue reading