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Bianca Balti, Pure Sensuality

Bianca Balti ES pure sensuality, There is no doubt. Mesmerizing eyes, a beautiful face and those lips so characteristic have made this Italian 25 years one of the most recognizable faces in the world of fashion.

Indeed, Wissler is a peculiar model, since not many can have on your resume have been magazine cover Playboy. After her recent pregnancy, many were those who gave it already by disappeared, but nothing further from the truth, Bianca Balti It has become again with strength and can already be considered as one of the most international Italian models together with Mariacarla Boscono, among others. Continue reading

Caroline Trentini, The Girl Is Made Model

Within the already famous and controversial group of the baby faces could not miss the Brazilian model Caroline Trentini. His face of child and delicate features and full of freckles, give that image of eternal girl green eyes that together with its attraction and his talent on the runway have earned him to devote itself in the world of fashion. Continue reading

Catherine McNeil, Rock of Gateways

It’s time to go to the Antipodes, land of big supermodels as Elle McPherson or Gemma Ward and learn a little more to this Australian beauty call Catherine McNeil that stepping comes on strong and eager on the catwalks.

Known for its campaigns for Hugo Boss and Dolce & Gabbana next to Claudia Schiffer, among others, this rock, fan of Metallica and System of a Down, can boast of being one of the models most quoted today, evidence of this are countless parades that have opened and closed in the latest campaigns. Continue reading

Olga Sherer, Redheads to Power

If a few weeks ago we talked about Karen Elson, a redhead who triumphs in the world of fashion, today’s turn on the turn (with permission of Lily Cole), another redhead that is beginning to take over the runways.

It is of Olga Sherer, or rather, Olga Volha Sherer, so is your full name, a Belarusian who at just 22 years old because it can boast of being image of Lanvin, D & G and Christian Dior among others and that together with Tanya Dziahileva and Maryna Linchuk form the most important trio of bielorrusas of the current runway. Continue reading

Maryna Linchuk, Simply Spectacular

Today is the turn of our weekly section to a truly spectacular Belarusian. It is of Maryna Linchuk and for the more clueless safe that you can sound of fall to campaign The Corte Inglés It is carrying out these weeks.

Just turned 22 years, Maryna Linchuk, which is it would lead to Minsk, he leads since 2004 in the fashion world, you can say therefore is not a newly arrived, although it still has a great future ahead. Continue reading

Jourdan Dunn, The Ebony Princess

Mr Montag put us on track for a year. Jourdan Dunn had track to be one of the models of the moment, and a year later we can confirm that it is undoubtedly.

Saving the parentheses that currently Jourdan Dunn He is doing because of her pregnancy, there is no doubt that we are talking about one of the revelation of last year models, and one of the stronger in the first half of 2009 becoming nothing more and nothing less than 70 parades this spring. Continue reading

Sigrid Agren, The French Hope

Sigrid Agren It is without a doubt one of the new faces more promising for the next few years. With one debut more than spectacular in 2008, for 2009 can boast of being one of the models with more open and closed last season parades.

With a beautiful innocent face, away from the prototype model of the East, this French 18 years newly compliments and passionate about ballet is the new model that many French want to convert icon, since they carry too many years without seeing one French model at the top. At the moment, this girl has everything to revolutionise the catwalks in the coming years, take good note of it. Continue reading

Karen Elson, Redheads Also Triumph

Talk about Karen Elson It is a different model. Not only because of what you see at first glance, a beautiful white skin and a color of red hair that makes it distinguishable immediately, but his career both inside and outside the catwalks.

Furthermore can boast of being one of the most active models once the thirty, proof of this is their latest campaigns for Cavalli, Celine, and Max Azria among others. Continue reading

Jeisa Chiminazzo, The Eternal Teenager

Jeisa Chiminazzo without getting too much noise, it has been one of the most prolific Brazilian models in recent years.

Being image of Yves Saint Laurent, Victoria’s Secrets and one of the chosen in its day by the kaiser Lagerfeld, they have done that this 24-year Brazilian can shine with their own light, that Yes, ever more photos than in walkway that perhaps his weak point since in my opinion, lacks the character needed to succeed on it. Continue reading