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Thierry Mugler Womanity: Taste Eau De Parfum and Perfumed Body Milk

When a fragrance is of Thierry Mugler: all vials have a design out of the ordinary. After successful launches Angel and Alien, the French designer is inspired by a world of feminine contrasts that has resulted in her new female perfume: Womanity.

The concept of Womanity It is something global, not only affects its latest fragrance but rather the fragrance is the result of his new idea of work. Thinking about the mixing of different types of women, either by his strong character, a delicate femininity or a warrior spirit will better understand the why of the fragrance and the bottle. Continue reading

Omnia Bvlgari Cristalline

A new Perfume to analyze, although in this case it is not a novelty. It is of Omnia Cristalline Bvlgari. This Perfume was born of the Perfumer Alberto Morillas, who created the signature Bvlgari Omnia range in 2003

Omnia Cristalline not come up to the year 2005, being a Perfume very cresco, whose main market was Asian. But their success has spread to other countries with great success. This Perfume I have is 25 ml. Continue reading

MUSC’s Reminiscence, Discovering Lesser-Known Female Fragrances. The Tested

I once had an essential oil of white musk that I fell in love for its aroma. Since then (and from the glass container broke) whenever I discover a fragrance with musk smell it carefully. MUSC of Reminiscence is my latest find.

It is not a novelty, it was created in 1970. But the French brand, Reminiscence, is not as well known by the Spanish public and is a pleasure to bring a perfume that does not carry around the world. The famous fragrance Patchouli is this same brand. Continue reading