Jourdan Dunn, The Ebony Princess

Mr Montag put us on track for a year. Jourdan Dunn had track to be one of the models of the moment, and a year later we can confirm that it is undoubtedly.

Saving the parentheses that currently Jourdan Dunn He is doing because of her pregnancy, there is no doubt that we are talking about one of the revelation of last year models, and one of the stronger in the first half of 2009 becoming nothing more and nothing less than 70 parades this spring.

Even at 19 years recently completed already starts it to compare the new Naomi Campbell, but of course that already are big words and although still has a long way to go to our protagonist of time already we can baptize it as ebony princess.

Of Jamaican origin, settled with his family in a London neighbourhood from tiny. His start in the fashion world came from the hand of Sarah Doukas founder of Storm Agency, which, among others, discovered a call girl Kate Moss a few years ago. It would be 3 years ago when Sarah Doukas discovered Jourdan Dunn while I’d buy in a store Primark London, surreal, at least that’s the official version that in many cases (does not have to be this) differs from the reality.

His debut on the runway would be in February, 2007, in New York and hand of Marc Jacobs (your favorite Designer), Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. That same year also we would see it in Milan parading among others for Salvatore Ferragamo.

At the same time that last his first campaign with Benetton (as it could not be otherwise), is beginning to be referred to as one of the new face more important in 2007. Proof of this would be her first editorials, although his first cover would not be until the summer of 2008, in Vogue Italy and in the hands of Steven Meisel.

And is that 2008 would be a year of awesome, in fact after making more than 120 parades throughout the year, it would be chosen as the model of the year by the British fashion Council on the front of Agyness Dean and Lily Donaldson.

In that 2008 would see it paraded among others to Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and a long etcetera. In fact would also be the first color model in March for Prada After 10 years without that no parade.

The brooch to this spectacular 2008 put it with the covers of the Elle France, and Vogue UK Vogue Italy as discussed previously, and the campaigns of Top Shop and Benetton with whom would repeat after their campaign in 2007.

During this 2009 he would continue with his spectacular career, 70 parades this spring as we mentioned at the beginning, don’t do more than demonstrate that we we have one of the models of the moment. We can also see it in the campaign of Yves Saint Laurent Perfume La Nuit with Vicent Cassell of protagonist and Calvin Klein.

Noteworthy among his statements, ones in which complained about the excessive presence of white models and above all from the East, and has declared that it intends to open in the medium term an agency of Asian models, color and Hispanic, bravo for her!

That if her pregnancy, which was made official this summer, sowing of doubt the excellent track record of Jourdan Dunn and unknowns such as knowing if it will continue with its meteoric growth. Time qualities has largely to try to catch the baton of Naomi.

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