My Beauty Goals

My friend Adegea, has proposed me to follow a meme that have happened to her.As I did not know what a meme, I have been investigating the network and I think that now I have a little clearer… Let’s say that a meme is a way to pass information from one individual to another, therefore it is as a rule not written in which knowledge or attitudes are contagious from a Blog to another. That rare definition… maybe have not understood you well. In any case, has made me very excited his invitation to be part of this meme:

My purposes for this 2009, five were not, three. In our last Meetup I told them is Adegea and La Romana (a kiss for them).

1st I want to be more positive, with both myself and those around me

2 I’d like to lose a few pounds

3rd I want to take care of myself inside and out

4 º it would be wonderful to make good use of all my potis

5th pull ahead with this Blog that makes little who was born

And pass the opportunity to continue this beauty supplies to

The STS Beauty BarcelonaCongress, today closed its doors after three long and intense days of activity.

In this post I left a link to remove entries and to attend the three-day event free of charge. Have you used them?

I could go visit him only one day, and that for personal reasons I was not able to return, but a penalty because I let myself an entire floor to see and I knew fatal.

This year I’ve found that the Organization deserves a greeting. Last year, was all how emptier… can’t say… as soulless and however, this year I thought that there was a great atmosphere in the enclosure.

Throughout the day, I visited the plant dedicated to makeup, hair and nails, basically.As I said, I had to see the plant aesthetics and appliances.

Soon I am going to go telling tidbits that found me interesting and tricks that the professionals very kindly shared with me so you do them you get.

I want to thank each and every one of the brands that I attended at their stands, and gave me the opportunity to get to know them a little better, especially Masglo, Thuya and China Glaze that had the courtesy to send me invitation for them to see in person.

I leave you with a foretaste of things to come in the next few days…

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