3 Beauty Trends to Keep an Eye (and, Why Not, Join Already)

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Strobing, mouth of Kylie Jenner and eyebrows marked were some of the tendencies of succulents that gained the spotlight last year. Now, almost midway through 2016, it’s time to meet the latest and cool at the time to make that update required in beauty. But, man, I deliver a spoiler: some 2016 hits are still there, firm and strong on the podium of beauty trends.

1 – Subtle Coloration, Cutting Bold

The coloring of the time points to subtle effects, who value the natural appearance of the highlights, think of the color it had when you were a kid: the idea is just to rescue this unique luminosity, with thin and delicate lights slightly lighter in tone, as we explain in the article Marcos Proenca delivers the main trends of hair colors for 2016. And can dispense with the frizz, because the look calls for polishing, with well aligned. The cuts, in turn, win updates. Examples are the lob hair 2016 version, built with several layers, different from the proposal of last year and the textured bob of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Roberts.

2-Fragrances Unisex

The line before separating the scents of male female is increasingly tenuous. Outside, some brands of fragrances have betted their chips in perfumes genderless: the case of Calvin Klein, who recently launched the fragrance CK2 (arrives in June in Brazil!), updated version of the classic CK One (R$ 252, 50 ml) both unisex, and Ariana Grande, who ordered very well with your perfume Frankie, also free of genres.

3-Mouth Bold with Bright, Please + Voluminous Lashes

The red lipstick (him again!) makes its triumphant return and enough coming up with extra sparkle and ultra-pigmented. When it comes to eye the focus are the Cilia. The mask (try the new Full Lash Volume Mascara, Shiseido, 190 R$) is the product key to complete the trend that is feeling here and now.