4 Foolproof Tips for You to Doll Eyelashes

What woman doesn’t dream about long eyelashes and bulky? Of course, since undeniably, they make all the difference in the look, but, unfortunately, not everyone is born with lashes fed up, but … very quiet at this time, no despair, we get some cool tips over the internet so you can display around doll eyelashes, or through resources of makeup, or appealing to false eyelashes, well, let’s cut the blah blah blah and go straight to the point. Ready to have the baby? So, pen and paper in hand, note the tips:

Here’s how to make doll eyelashes

1. Mascara

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind are the masks of eyelashes, since today there are masks options market super interesting, since containing edges that lengthen and give volume to the wires, even those that hydrate the eyelashes. However, the secret of the doll eyelashes is depositing enough product on the base of the wires, the applicator must be stockier and have bristles evenly spaced, those with polka-dot format or Hedgehog, besides volume, also let their longer eyelashes.

How do you apply to wire, making moves from bottom to top, he ends up raising even more eyebrows. Ideally, you have both, the stockier spaced bristle for brush and volume, and the ball-shaped or hedgehog to lengthen. The trick is to spend two to three layers of mask and, to stretch, spend more mask at the tips of lashes. Another tip is to bet on the eyelash curler that intensifies the effect stretched wires.


According to hollowaywishlist, time to draw the mask, comb the eyelashes up with the brush, so that the fit between the bristles of the applicator and more product is transferred. And no rush! To ensure a legal result, with an extra volume, are required at least 3 layers.

Then, pass also mask over the lashes, with the lids half-closed eyes, place the applicator on the hairs and rotate?, so they’re going to roll as? if you were doing a brush in your hair?, complete. And more, if in addition to volume you also want to give an elongated eyes, spend an extra layer mask, combing the eyelashes towards the temples. And if you don’t enjoy the appearance of eyelashes when they are grudadinhos, the tip is? pentinho to use an eyebrow to separate them?


  1. Super Volume mask Drama and stretching, Avon
  2. MAXXI Volume and Color Definition, Dailus
  3. CY, Cy volumania º º Zone

2. False eyelashes

Who even with can’t mask the desired effect, one option is to appeal to the false eyelashes, which are super trendy. The beauty of false eyelashes is that they can be used when you have very small or even eyelashes to disguise flaws and enhance your eyes, changing the face of the watch. They are made of by natural or artificial-that being the most common. The hairpieces are sold in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

There are many styles, but three are basic:

  • Cilia (the most suitable for those who don’t have a lot of practice and a more striking effect): sold in pairs and measure approximately the upper eyelids – is required only a small hit with the scissors;
  • Cilia in strips, sold in larger pieces and must be cut;
  • Cilia in Tufts (most natural effect), which are sold in small pieces – the size enables various types of applications, such as only in external corners, for example.

The false eyelashes should be placed next to the hair after applying the natural make-up, including the mascara and eyelash curler. It is important to measure under the outline of the eyelashes the size that will be used in make. If you need to remove excess product, cut the false eyelashes on the ends, with a pair of scissors before applying at the root of the eyelash skin.

  • Disguise droopy eyes: should be applied in a more centralized;
  • Enhance small eyes: should extrapolate a bit the outside corner, giving a brownish format them.

3. Eyelash Permanent

Is a procedure done in specialized clinics which let the wires bent and stretched longer, even having contact with water or SOAP and anyone interested, you can achieve beautiful eyelashes, betting this option for up to £ $100. However, very quiet at this time, is not suitable for people with allergies to makeup.

4. for Eyelash growth Serum

Yes, this serum is there, and is designed to promote the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, your application must also be daily. The Dermage, for example, has the Eyelas Maxi, serum that helps the growth of the wires and promise results in eight weeks.

And there, ready to parade with doll eyelashes?!