4 Ways to Wear Red Lipstick Without Fear

The red lipstick is democratic, classic and elegant and yet many girls still hesitate to use it. Some afraid to be too flashy, vulgar, or draw a lot of attention; other by not knowing how to move properly.
In recent years the red lipstick became the trend and can be found in the mouth of several women in social events, strolling casually down the street, at work. The color is present in the daily life of women and each time you do no longer need to know to use it and not be afraid of it.


If you are in the team who are afraid to go around wearing red lipstick, warns you: it goes with everything! Want to go out with a look more diva? Use red lipstick! Want to go out in jeans and t-shirt and still look sensational? Use the lipstick that color! Want to know what color the lips to work? Well … why not red? The vibrant color give an up in any visual, letting the more colorful, more cheerful. The lipstick that color makes a big difference to in a quick and simple makeup.
There’s more good news on Automotiveqna: the makeup experts say there’s no such thing as red lipsticks don’t match good mouth thinner, thicker mouths, since the format and the size of your lips you can do with pencil and liner.


The red mouth already dominated the catwalks at fashion shows renowned brands such as Chanel, to choose a strong and bright red for the models in the 2016 season. It is worth remembering that the shades of lipstick Orange, cherry and coral are also strong trends this year.
The experts suggested that any red suits any skin, but recommends the following guidelines:
1. Dark skin and black: dark red lipstick
2. White skin: coral lipstick
3. Yellow skin (easterners): tomato-red lipstick

The best finishing

For the red is a vibrant color, any failure in time to spend the lipstick may appear and this is one of the reasons why women avoid them. However, there is a trick to make the perfect red lips.
Before you begin to prepare all the makeup, apply a lip balm . This product will prevent the lipstick stay looking “crackle”. To leave the mouth smoother to the lipstick is interesting also pass lip balm every day before bed and exfoliate your lips every two weeks.

How to pass the red lipstick without miss

To achieve the perfect outline of lipstick you need to practice, so don’t give up on the first try. To help you, there are some tips:
Have available a fine brush to lips. It will ensure a more precise time to outline the mouth to prepare it for lipstick. The lip contour pencil can also help. For a better result, use it on a slope, as if you were writing. Then, fill the contour and the lips with a lip balm that has the same tone.

How to fix the smudges

If you passed the red lipstick and it didn’t work out, don’t despair, or the swap with a nude gloss. If the blur is minimal, a dry swab can be enough to clean it. If the damage is large, consider clean everything with a makeup remover and start again. To clean the lipstick, you can wet a cotton with makeup remover and make movements inside of the lips to avoid blurring the face and ruin the rest of your makeup.

How to combine red with the rest

As we have said previously, the red lipstick goes with everything, you just need to take some care to the make beautiful and appropriate be for every occasion.
If you are using the red on the lips during the day, for example, do not press the eyes. Apply just a mascara on the eyelashes.
At night, to a more social event, bet on one eye smoky look in shades of brown and black – but without leaving too dark.

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