40 Ideas for Blonde Hair Straight from the World of Celebrities

In order to be blonde? We list our favorite celebrities who are experts in the key. The Platinum blond to dark, sure some of these styles will make your head!

It doesn’t matter if you were born with hair, kissed by the sun or if you selected the blond to be your trademark. The color will always be one of the most Darling among women from all over the world. And no wonder! To find the ideal tone, the blond hair is able to illuminate any type of skin and leave you even more powerful.

To find a blond to call their own, simply scroll down the page!

Platinum blonde

Gwen Stefani takes the owner of Platinum blond more that Hollywood has ever seen. Since Gwen is Gwen, she parades her hair almost white, and if your desire is to become like her, know that a Platinum look requires very careful and personality to hold him. How about a red lipstick to complete?

Below, more inspirations for your platinum blonde:


And when you don’t know if you’re blonde or brunette? Go to bronde mixing the English terms “blonde” and “brunette”. Guy Delevigne’s celeb chosen to illustrate a way to use the hue as well. It is great for women who want to be blondes go getting used to change gradually. It’s simple and anything drastic!

Butter Blonde

This is the color of the blondes, the most requested in the halls, for merging shades of honey with Platinum lights. The bonus is that the butter blonde looks good with any skin tone.

Blonde Dark Grey

The blond one dark grey is easy to care for and ensures a natural visual time. Taylor Swift, who a few years ago wore their hair lighter, combined the hue with the bob and bangs. To keep a dark blond of his best form, make sure the wires are healthy and shiny.