5 Mistakes That You Make to Take Care of the Hair

You may not even be suspicious, but that hair trick, type pull the nozzle of the dryer to theoretically end up with frizz-boycotts of health highlights. Here, experts unveil the myths to permanently delete the routine

Wash your hair with shampoo, conditioner and ironing, by order, apply a good moisturizing mask. That’s how you learn what you should do, right? Wrong, man reader. In fact, dead wrong, in the words of the award-winning British hairstylist Lee Stafford: “When you wash with shampoo, cuticles open. This is the best time to receive the desired treatment hair.” Didn’t see that one coming? Because the list of mistakes (not so) innocent people we made left and right in the best intentions do not stop there.

Mistake # 1: Mask After Conditioner

In the mathematics of capillary beauty, the order of the factors changes the result, Yes. As commented above, Lee Stafford recommends that you follow the steps: # 1 shampoo, # 2 and # 3 treatment mask conditioner: the conditioner must end the process because it seals the cuticles. Now you know.

Mistake # 2: Pull the Nozzle of the Dryer

Don’t try to tame those little hairs on the sides with a jet of hot air. “To touch the nozzle of the dryer on the hair, you can burn the fiber, which is very delicate,” said Alex Mathew, Marcos Proença Hall, in São Paulo. We know that you want the look ready as soon as possible, but keep the dryer from a safe distance at least 15 cm. Oh, and before you switch on the appliance, you need to protect your hair with a specific product.

Mistake # 3: Overdoing It in Oil Concentred

If, in your head, the best way to prevent split ends and finalize your hairstyle is filling the Palm of argan oil, forget it! Finalizers or repairers of tips can end up with washing and weigh in. A product of the size of a Pearl is more than enough.

Mistake # 4: Start a Brush with Wet Hair

Hair can’t stew model. Not to mention that this combination of hot air and water leaves the wires more susceptible to breakage. Dry as much as possible with a towel (the thin ones do the job better than the furry ones) and then switch on the appliance. You save energy and the health of the thanks.

Mistake # 5: Check the Ink from Root to Tip at a Time

When coloring the hair, start going to ink the end or run the risk of having roots more clearly than desired.On the temperature in the region of the scalp, the product ends up acting more quickly that way. The Alex Moraes is “offset” the variation in reversing the order of application.