5 Myths about Cosmetics

There are several myths regarding the use of cosmetics and some of these, they lead many people to make unnecessary errors. Find out what we’re talking about.

The myths sometimes lead to believe things that aren’t true, but still ends up doing by discharge of consciousness. With regard to this cosmetics is no exception and therefore meet the most common myths when it comes to beauty.

Should choose skin products according to your age- To your age is not a direct indicator of your skin type. Nowadays, there are several products on the market that claim to be intended for a specific age group, these are the so-called “for mature skins. The truth is, it’s never too early to take care of your skin and prevent premature aging. However, there are a lot of people old enough to have skins supposedly “mature”, they still have the same problems that had the 30 years. Therefore, choose the products according to your skin and never with your age.

Hypoallergenic Products are the best for sensitive skin- Although hypoallergenic mean that there’s less likely to cause allergies (and therefore better for people with allergic tendencies or sensitive skin), there are no restrictions of ingredients or regulations to determine whether a product may or may not be qualified as hypoallergenic. So, instead of looking for hypoallergenic products, search products “soft” or that will refill to your skin.

Makeup causes acne- There is no type of study that proves the makeup causes acne, however, if you don’t remove your makeup properly can cause problems for your skin. There are even products of makeup on the market that act in favor of fighting acne.

Can eliminate cellulite creams- There are products on the market that promise to miraculously eliminate cellulite but, these are nothing more than false promises, it is impossible to eliminate cellulite just with creams.

Should avoid any product with parabens- According to various surveys and global organizations of cosmetics regulations of the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, parabens in small quantities in the cosmetic products, are not a problem for your skin. On the contrary, are the most effective and safe preservatives as possible.