5 Tips to Hide the Hangover

The party was crazy and exaggerations, but the next day has to be spotless and necessarily has to leave the House. Minimize the ‘ damage ‘ with the tips that you present.


Birthday parties, Christmas, new year, well-watered dinners, night of drinking with co-workers, anyway… the grounds are several and they all welcome when it comes to celebrating life! However, too much alcohol or many blends, tobacco, etc. can cause the next morning is more difficult to bear. Even worse is if you have a commitment and inevitably have to leave the House! Advice?! Drink lots of water and cover your face with these small tips…


Decompress the face
Alcohol dehydrates you and if not took care to go along with what they drank with water, the likelihood of wake up with swollen face the next day is great. Nothing like fill a bowl with cold water (preferably ice cold, so some ice cubes are welcome) and cucumber and then dip the face in the mix. Afterwards, and once the eyes are one of the main focuses, put a bag of green tea warm on top of the same about of 2mn. This is ideal to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Eye broker
Probably the broker used usually will not do wonders, since dark circles should be more pronounced. Opt for a pallet of colored and brokers use the color green to minimize the redness that may have, the purple to give brightness and a beige to minimize dark circles.

Standardize the face
As the broker, the base that uses daily might not have the desired effect, as the skin will be considerably drier because of the alcohol. The bb cream together several benefits (primer, sunscreen, moisturizer and Foundation) and regenerating effect is ideal for these situations. Add a little enlightening to bb cream and stay with the splendid face to who only slept 3:00.

Revitalize your eyes
To cover any existing redness and to let your eyes more bright and slightly larger, pass a pencil nude beige or in water (dry it with some cotton, just in case, so that the pencil color cool better. Then use a liquid illuminator to hide any other imperfection.

Illuminate the face
To avoid either the feeling you want the appearance of dry skin, opt for a cream blush and with some glitter. Put on the cheeks and lips to give him a look more pink and healthy.