6 Common Mistakes When It Comes to Skin Care

To ban immediately to your routine.

No mortal is immune, from time to time, make time to treat glides the skin. The problem is that the oversights that go unnoticed in everyday life can, Yes, harm the scalp and even overrule other healthy habits that you have with her. Below, we list major mistakes to avoid at all costs:

1 – Don’t Sanitize the Face Before Applying Treatment Creams

For its action to be effective, it is essential that the skin is cleaned of impurities can contaminate and/or compromise the efficacy of the product. It is important to follow a routine of cleaning twice a day, morning and night. Bet on soaps suitable for your skin type and tonics without forgetting the makeup when you’re makeup.

2-Exaggerate the Amount of Product

No, that enhances the cosmetic results. On the contrary: the excess can clog the pores and oily skin. So, don’t be smart and use a reasonable amount that meets the needs of your complexion.

3-Use Products for the Face in the Eye

The skin around the eyes is not anything similar to the rest of the face. She is more thin, fragile and has a greater propensity to the appearance of wrinkles. Quick absorption and creams formulated specifically for the region will always be the best candidates.

4-Choose Cosmetics from the Experience of Others

You’re already bald of knowing that each skin has different needs. And, in choosing their beauty products, many women take into consideration only the opinion of their friends, i.e., what worked for them. But not everything is beneficial to a has the same effect on the other. Therefore, it is necessary to choose cosmetics that offer exactly what you need to handle.

5-Leave the Sunscreen After the End of the Summer

Some people believe that the UVA and UVB rays take vacation when the heat goes away. What a mistake! The truth is that they are emitted at all times of the year and cause damage as photoaging and increased incidence of skin cancer. You can’t neglect: use every day a sunscreen that has a minimum of 30 SPF. Reapply every 2 hours or whenever you notice sweat on his face.

6-Don’t Follow a Routine of Constant Care

If you want to obtain satisfactory results, this is the minimum to be done. You have to keep the frequency as if you were on medication, you know? After all, what’s the point of using three times a product to then sit on it? Then don’t go blaming him saying it didn’t work …