6 Tricks of Makeup

Party over here, party over there and our skin ends up being very beaten by great use of makeup and get back late and wake up early so to keep face doll, huge eyelashes and mouth like Angelina, just follow this 6 tricks of the magazine women’s health.

6 Tricks of Makeup

  1. Face set

Just follow the play of light and shadow, that is, clear some regions and dark others.”Regardless of skin color, the ideal is to use a loose powder two tone above its base,” Fabiana Gomes talks, senior makeup artist of M.A.C. As know what areas to apply, look at yourself in the mirror with a light source above the head. “Move around and see where the shadows: it is in these places that you must spread the product.” A general tip for those who want to fine tune the face is, with the help of a wide brush, depositing the dust along the imaginary line that runs from the top of the apples (near the top of the ears) to the corner of the mouth. Also the Centre of the forehead with liquid concealer a shade lighter than your skin. ”

  1. Radiant skin after a night out

After that super night, go to work or to school look over not roll huh? Do the following, grab a towel and leave it in the freezer for a few minutes, then place it on your face to reduce puffiness and dark circles. “Then, mix a little facial moisturizer with your Foundation and apply on face and neck dry”, teaches Vanessa Rozan, makeup artist makeup high school, in São Paulo. Cover the look tired lighting in the area below and inside with a correction of a lighter tone to the base and finish passing blush on the cheekbones.

  1. Eyes bigger and sexier

To work around the outside of the root of the eyelashes superior use a creamy pencil, the stroke goes towards the outer corner. On the outside of the eye, use a precision brush for dragging the color and make the kitten. Blow the shadow on the eyelids and on the pencil, finish with mascara volume, which opens the look.

  1. Tanned skin

The first step is to choose a base until two tone above their skin. “With a brush, apply the product in the entire face and vanish in the neck for the transition to be natural,” says Damian Castellanos, coach of Make Up for Ever, of the United States. Matifique the skin with a translucent powder in strategic points: forehead, below the eyes, Chin and on the bone. Spread a bronzing powder of temples towards the mouth and pass a nude pink lipstick.

  1. natural Lashes with Falsies effect

Press the eyelash curler near the root of the wires for 5 seconds. Pass the product towards the ends, making subtle movements in the horizontal, apply first for the entire length, the second of the half for the tip and the last only on the outer corner lashes. To color the inferior, hold the brush vertically.

  1. large Mouth

Erase the drawing of the lips with concealer and retrace the outline with pencil. Then apply the lipstick, bet on citilantes colors, because they cause optical illusion, or alive that highlight your lips. Light region of the nose with a touch of light and shadow so pass in the center of the lower lip gloss.

Now you know the tricks to be able to apply before the holidays and best of all are quick and easy tricks!!!