AlicelikeAudrey Make Up

By correcting imperfections in the make-up base: the make-up course with Alice Venturi, aka AlicelikeAudrey.

Correct flaws, enhance the qualities and make a make-up for an ever perfect look. E ‘can learn to do it thanks to the ongoing Make up by AlicelikeAudrey, organized by and held by Komax makeup artist Alice Venturi. These two-day intensive art of makeup and the next edition of the course will be held on 14 and 15 June 2014 at the Spazio Cantoni in Milan. The course fee is 490 EUR including VAT, but for those registering before April 30 there will be a small discount, at a cost of 399 EUR excluding VAT. The course is aimed both at professionals who want to improve as image consultants, make-up artists and beauticians, to those who want to study the techniques of make-up for personal passion.

What you will learn during these two days? For example the different types of facial morphology and how to correct the irregular faces, how to prepare the skin to make-up and make a good base, and then move to the improvement: correcting imperfections, bags, how to cover dark circles and much more. Also Pupa sponsors the course providing a make up kit to use during the course, which was to remain the students.

Alice Venturi’s tutor makeup for program Rai 2 “Said Done” and his AlicelikeAudrey channel has garnered 12 million views in six years, with 60,000 members. He works as a freelance make-up artist for the Fashion Week in Milan and is also working with the Walt Disney Company for the construction of make up proposals and nail art magazine dedicated on the famous character “Violetta”, reported by Petsinclude.