Anti Vivisection History

On March 11, 2013 will be a day to remember because now enter into force in Europe banning the sale of cosmetics ingredients tested on animals. But is it really a victory?

After 23 long years of demonstrations, public sull’opinioni pressures and institutions now finally it enters into force across Europe on assolutato ban on sale of cosmetics ingredients tested on animals anywhere in the world they have been executed.

There was already an earlier ban in 2009 that prohibited animal testing but only for finished cometici, but had left the opportunity to still make the potentially lethal tests on animals (such as skin sensitization, carcinogenicity and toxicity for repeated use).

Now already in various parts of the world animal tests conducted for aesthetic purposes they are considered ethically unacceptable. In the US, the National Institutes of Health Council approved a decree that requires you to stop testing on chimpanzees for research purposes in laboratories. Recently, India and Israel have banned the sale and import of cosmetics made ​​with animal testing.

But is it really a victory?

While it is a positive thing because the March 11, 2013 was a date fixed for a few years now and it has not been

made to slip further, other testing in the cosmetics industry rapprenza less than 2% of the trial which is performed on the animals every day and if we think of the pharmaceutical experimentation, which is equally useless, harmful and misleading, we can understand what this ban is really a drop in the ocean.

So it is wrong to think that today vivisection disappear from the face of the earth, because in terms of numbers it will be only a small difference.

However, it is an achievement to be celebrated since the decision was made ​​throughout Europe, and is a confirmation that the direction taken will lead over time to the total elimination of vivisection on animals and that work is all animal welfare organizations and the general public, you are raising awareness on this issue, are increasingly taken into account.

The only thing I hope is that we do not want another 23 years to see another small step on behalf of our animal friends!