Antibarriga Formula

For those who heard of the new antibarriga pill and cheered on parade on the beaches with thin waist and belly Board in the summer, without any effort, calm down! The solution to that tummy inconvenience continues being the old double: good nutrition and exercise. The remedy that just having the sale approved in Brazil by the national health surveillance agency, Anvisa, actually decreases measures but, in fact, has very precise indications.

The endocrinologist Aemelius de Godoy Matos affirms that, definitely, Acomplia, trading name of medicine known scientifically as rimonabant, manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis, is not a antibarriga pill. The drug is indicated for obese or overweight people, i.e. with body mass index above 27 and other associated risks. It acts primarily on the intra-abdominal fat. That’s not the fat that we got with the finger, but the one that houses between the organs. In addition, the rimonabant improves good cholesterol-HDL and lowers triglycerides and the chances of the patient having diabetes type 2, which greatly increases the risk of heart and circulatory problems.
It’s a very serious remedy, which should not be associated with vanity, but the treatment of a disease, abdominal obesity.

The drug is a novelty among the drugs: has advantages over other medications for weight loss because it prevents heart disease. The rimonabant inhibits to endocannabinoid system function, that generates hunger and for food in search of reward, because we are sad or stressed. In addition, when this system is active, is increased fat formation and its accumulation in the liver, in addition to generate insulin resistance-so the good result of the medication against diabetes.

“It’s a very serious remedy, which should not be associated with vanity, but the treatment of a disease, abdominal obesity,” said the endocrinologist. According to Dr. Godoy, the drug can have side effects such as mood changes, anxiety and depression. Therefore, must be, like all medications, prescribed by the doctor and accompanied by diet and exercise: “any treatment like that should come along with a lifestyle change,” concluded the endocrinologist.

New lifestyle

It’s not because it hasn’t happened a miracle antibarriga that good form in summer is lost. Of course it takes some effort. But cheer up! A balanced diet and exercise are still the key to good shape. “The main thing is not making exaggerations and making balanced meals”, reveals the nutritionist Anita Sachs, stating that the carbohydrates in ideal quantity, can and should be included even at dinner. The secret is to avoid fried foods, fatty meats and sugar. Three or four servings of fruits a day, two shallow dishes and 12 tablespoons of vegetables should be distributed for meals. And who usually use laxatives to reduce the swelling in the belly, the nutritionist warning that these drugs can expel microorganisms essential to the proper functioning of the intestine. For this problem, Anita Sachs recommends the insertion of fiber in food

Another to strengthen the choir by combining diet and exercise, to lose weight and be healthy is Marcello Barbosa, personal trainer of the Angelic host, that both surprises with ‘ that ‘ flawless belly. But getting out of the Chair and run around it might not be the best choice. “The completion of a physical and medical evaluation is essential to plot the best strategies, and reach goals safely and efficiently”, points out Marcello Barbosa. He teaches that, in General, you have to start slowly and go increasing gradually for the body to adapt.

To refine the silhouette and lose the belly, the ideal is to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises-cardiovascular-, that have emphasized calorie expenditure, with neuromuscular exercises-bodybuilding or gymnastics in which tone the muscles of the abdomen and improve aesthetics. The greater the accumulation of fat, the greater must be the exercise energy expenditure.

Already the story that abdominal exercises do not help lower belly, Marcello explains that can reduce waist circumference so, because the muscle strengthening prevents the internal organs to move forward. However, he points out that there is no scientific evidence in relation to the reduction of fat through exercise.