Applying Lipstick Tutorial

To apply the lipstick so perfect and flawless, just know a few tricks. In this article we list them all!

The lipstick is really the trick that can give an extra touch.

For a sensual or casual look, it’s just what we need to attract attention!

Red, orange, nude, purple, pink and so on: a thousand shades with which we can play.

However, because our makeup is perfect, we have not run into any errors that could ruin him.

What are we talking about? Read on Relationshipsplus:

1. Lipstick on your teeth

A smudge of lipstick on the teeth makes our smile pretty ridiculous, mainly if the barb is of red lipstick or otherwise of a dark color.

To prevent lipstick applied it deposits on the teeth, we must remove the excess, by placing it between his lips the index finger.

In this way our smile will stay white!

2. Limited Duration

Sometimes lipstick disappears from our lips too quickly.

To increase durability, after application there will be enough to support a tissue on the lips and apply the powder, using a paintbrush.

The powder will set the whole lipstick.

3. unnatural Look

Sometimes a lipstick color that we purchased at the end does not convince us too because it has a strong effect.

To get a soft and light effect, apply it with a brush eyes round, which will make the more nuanced color.

4. Color Offset

If the tone of our lips is reddish or if you are too dark, it can happen that when we apply a colored lipstick its color is offset.

To avoid this effect, we can dab the lips with a concealer.

In this way the final color will be as similar as possible to that of the packaging.

5. deformed Labbra

The rigged lips with lipstick to be at their best should have a perfect shape.

With a lip pencil we can make them really perfect: we just draw a X that goes from the top of the arc of cupid and to the center of the lip.

Our lips are really the kiss!

6. Lip undefined

With darker lipsticks, it happens that the lip is not defined.

To make it perfect, we take a concealer and apply it with a brush around the mouth, sfumandolo.

7. Lips with little volume

Some lipsticks are better on full lips, but not all have.

To give the impression that they are, we apply a lighter pencil in the center of the lips and we spread two lipsticks, one light in the middle, and one of the color you prefer on the rest.

Then sfumiamoli and our lips will look very different!