Attaching Updos – This Is

There are a lot of helpful utensils for attaching your updos. What you choose depends mostly on the type of hairstyle you want to style.

Updos are an eye-catcher at every event. But the more elaborate they are styled, the harder it is to fix them properly. With some helpful utensils, however, you can remedy this. We show you the must-haves.

Hairpins Or Bobby Pins?

The most important utensils that are never to be missed in updos are hair pins. They are usually available in the 10-or 20-pack in drugstore markets for small money – and for good reason: because of their small size, hairpins have a high wear, because they are quickly lost. In terms of shape is usually differentiated between hairpins in U-shape and bobby pins. The first variant is mainly used for Dutt hairstyles or to fix a hair cushion. Their U-shape, however, makes them less suitable for attaching individual strands. At this point the bobby pins come into play. Thanks to their clamping force, they are similar in their handling to paper clips.

Other helpers for Updos are, of course, the classic hair-gums, with which larger strands of hair or braids can be tied together according to aparentingblog. Hair clips can also be worked into the hair depending on their size – unlike bobby pins, they have a manual clamping function. How about an alternative with a hair comb? These are now available with decorative decorations. Usually the bridal veil is carefully fixed in the bridal hairstyle using a comb.

Updos: Help from the Tube

It can never hurt if you fix your updos additionally with some hairspray. Often only individual hairs are available, so it is not worthwhile to use another hairpin. Hairspray is also available in varying degrees of strength. Especially with long and heavy hair, you should therefore be able to use extra-strong hairspray. But beware of dosage: Too much hairspray makes the updos look unnatural and glued.

Alternatively, you can also use foam lotion. This is worked into the moist hair and already provides the necessary support for hair blowing. In a few cases you can also use gel for your updos. However, you should also make sure that your hair does not look glued afterwards.