Bach Flower Rescue Remedies Reviews

Bach flower here is how to optimize their properties for cleansing the face.

oily skin we speak, rich in pimples, blackheads and skin imperfections seemingly without solution. First of all remember that, at the end of the evening, before going to sleep, it is important to cleanse the face, even if we did not rigged, just to free the skin from all the toxins accumulated during the day.

Pour into a bowl a tablespoon of milk detergent and a few drops (2-3 max) Agrimony and emulsioniamo all.

Now we move on the face the creamy sauce that we have prepared, massaging well with your fingertips especially in the “T” area which as you know includes chin, nose and forehead. If we faced a particularly “pollutant day” can help us with a small brush (like those from children’s teeth, very, very soft) that we will use a circular motion.

Allow him to act together for a few minutes, then we wash thoroughly with water, preferably demineralized.

Agrimony, called the “mask” of the Bach flowers, and represents what is shown “outside”, it is associated with addictions (alcohol, smoking, food, drugs, etc. etc.) that should be cleaned away both physically and in mind! Ore that your face is clean we dry ((pat and not rub) with a clean cloth and a mild tonic or nebulize it with rose water. and ‘useful to obtain a proper container for this action, as it allows you to not exceed the product and receiving long before the feeling of freshness to the face. Let’s wait a bit ‘evaporation and possibly tamponiamo excess (must not leak!!!) and prepare our night cream that is full-bodied, but not greasy, let’s use the amount of a teaspoon in the palm of your hand and add 3 drops of Crab Apple.

Then we proceed to massage all over the face and neck, remembering that the right amount of product is linked to the individual needs of the skin and individual!

If the skin remains too greasy, especially in the case of oily skin, the amount is too much!

The addition of Crab Apple, allows a facial cleansing deeper, in fact, this flower is considered the’ antibiotic and is strongly purifying: it is in fact suitable for the emotions that cause us feelings of guilt and that leave the “spots” or signs of which we can not free.