Be Your Own Stylist

In previous weeks, we learned to renew our closet and clothes, it is now time to put creativity and take out the stylist you’re inside to make the best outifts as all a fashion lover with these tips. Are you ready?
1 organize your closet.

The point is not to keep buying clothes, if you can not use. Fit it all by color, season or garment type… Each piece by section. Have it ordered to leave aside the typical excuse of No have nothing to wear.

2-give a twist to your boring clothes. I don’t mean that you get to see DIY’s on YT and completely change your clothes. It is a matter of feel and lose the fear he will say. An example: a t-shirt you can tie a knot in the bottom, pick up the sleeves or put it inside the pants, and will completely change.

3-be visual. It is very important to observe what’s happening in the world of fashion and how they are using it. Suddenly see how he used the blouse, coat or pants your fashion favorite icon and attempts to do so. Everything is based on observation.

4.-the secret is in the accessories. A belt, a delicate bracelet and earrings can make a difference.

5.-invest in timeless pieces. Everything revolves around accessories, so there is no margin for error with this black dress you’ve both wanted.

6.-never forget the hair and makeup. So you have the best outfit, unkempt hair and a bad makeup can make everything look out, suggested by Relationshipsplus.

7-know trends. You must take into account that it is what is moving the world, without being a fashion victim.

8-planned a night before. Not is a lie that bloggers are planning a night before her outfit and if you don’t know where draw inspiration, I recommend Lookbook.

But there is something even more important: do not be afraid to experiment and express yourself. Feel safe and project it, that is what gives value to what you wear.

There is no excuse to not look amazing every day