Beauty Blast Of The Month New In The Bag

Nice that you once again take a look – and so I bid directly warm and welcome to a cosy beauty round around the summer camp fire around you. And also at the risk of that I equal to one half of readers schockverliere I have to say it simply:

Just throw the stuff of beauty in the channel and in love with you but rather once again: then you need that in principle even nothing more of it and it radiates from the inside and outside and Berlin and the world are in a cloud -? Well done! Yet all there? Then I just go ahead and admit: one should keep a few highlights of beauty but before you naked and happy jumps through the poppies:

I not only show in this issue you, what is the last few weeks about new snuck in my bag, but also why and sometimes even much more often. This time with this: A hot candidate for the “deserted island bag”, gardening in the face, about what makes happy victims of strobing, sardines and a Max. 

Ready? Ready!

Toleriane gel Moussant by La Roche Posay

Saviour, summer love, one and all. In the questionnaire to my beauty Habitus had I already told you that there one day suddenly a dog mean Mallorca acne was with me in the room – and believe me, that has unfortunately nothing to do with holiday. Great solution: the care products down to a minimum, almost put the Haut(über)Pflege on ice and the mildest recession in Accessories up my drive, what way. Toleriane is a gold treasure and would be there as a candidate for the “three things cases” on the island.

Rosebrook cacao Antioxidat mask by Josh Risebrook

You caught you sometimes how you smell lost in thought on weird stuff? So I all the time: liver sausage, wood Board, freshly copied – the list can be endless continue to. When I recently was the first time in the mdc shops in Berlin to guest, I was with Josh Rosebrook cacao Antioxidat mask exactly the same. This is a mad mask; describe you could the effect with a complete crawl of the skin. Everything is dug up again like in the garden and cleaned. The scent is darkest chocolate in top grade. Then the face is so irrigated, that’s for the first time a few minutes to the needs – come down then it radiates from every pore. Admittedly, pretty expensive – but it is worth.

High beam by benefit

For all strobing victims among you: there’s my favorite tool on the subject. For all that previous sentence as a series of question marks have read the behavior is just quiet – the rest tells me whether it maybe would be worth, to tell you trend soon more about this “strobing”. So the wild rum highlighting hot successor for the “contouring”. Anyway, this Highligter classic here can be a whole lot of good things. My Tip: Spread of the temples at the highest point of along the cheekbones. In the heart of the lip, on the nose and in the inner corner of the eye one mini point. GLOWGLOWGLOW is back in my life – J.Lo would be so proud.

Ideal body oil by Vichy

And because I’m just a sensitive Mimosa, I’m also no longer everything to me it because it knocks on the door. Condition are good ingredients, good compatibility – designed so the best for sensitive skin and if I had then else free, that would be the after of wide applicability. Voila, the body Olio of Vichy can compete there. A dry oil that skin and hair care and smells even after South seas. I’m just saying: apricot kernel oil, passion flower oil, corn oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil, black currant oil, Rosa canina oil, coriander oil, Macadamia and jojoba oil. Tested under dermatological supervision also – on sensitive skin and dry hair.

Pulsonic slim sonic toothbrush – Oral-B

If a new toothbrush in the House, that means getting something special – not always but most of the time a change, a change: one takes off, another moves, sometimes she come only to visit or carelessly replaced, replaced. In my case I got to back of my long-standing manual toothbrush in the vibrant business. Impulse purchaser through and through, moved that recently in my shopping cart before checkout at Rossmann. Here the hard facts: sonic toothbrush, 27,000 vibrations per minute, there are two modes of cleaning: clean and sensitive and that it is still quite lean and rank and is no thicker tooth millstone. Also cool: The battery lasts approximately one hundred years. I’m very happy!

Cosmetic bags by Starmela

What you still don’t know? Soon, it says for me harvest wine and sweet life in Provence. Yes ok, it will be only a week but hej, already less time has used it to make people happy. I decided just to take nothing – except a dress and this beautiful bag here maybe.

And because you asked me: all photos are today and actually getting shot with the iphone 6 plus