Beauty Hair Inspiration – a Crown of Gold and More Boho

South Germany, Oh you southern Germany, me a wild parrot. Yesterday the lingerie label triumph a purling colorful celebration on the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich abroad loaded – oho! Or better – boho! Because it was the theme and wrote before the dress code for all. Boho meets 1001 nights, to be exact. Where can I find more colorful, lebensbejaende theme parties in the immercoolen Berlinchen, the official sister city of the colors black and grey? Flat. Nowhere. So come on.

Most of all interested in me Yes, as old beauty monkeys, bohoeske implementation of the mane would look like as well. Before the official part, the crowd was – and I – sent by the beauty road. Good people, like familiar faces of Alessandro and M.A.C. outer values of the guests looked after there. LA BIOSTHETIQUE was the official hair sceptre in hand, and at the end also for my hair problems solution. But in turn:

“Quack, quack, quack, please not to good, to quietly look like 1001 nights, the once-so-sleeping version, rather too shaggy to accurate. Half-open, half would be top and for God’s sake tease not the back of the head. You can just bend springs. Thick gold leaves in your hair also. Oriental ornaments? I don’t do that. Not for me, please. At the most waves, curls woe!”

After this annoying briefing I would have kicked out Yes – Manuela but nodded understandingly and started, held on to every statement and tadaaa: it looked bad. OK, retry and promised, from now I consider myself out and shut up. For start II, the lots to my bare horror brought a narrow chain with spring out of the jewelry box: “calm down, you can see that after not” she chirped yet and I was still with film, for safety’s sake:

The result: Golden understatement. A straight parting from gold to gentle waves. How cute. The golden mean is just, if you look very carefully. Invisibly fixed with a little trick.

In another version (but even) with visible spring back to parts of the page Wicker

And what was on the minds of other otherwise go? Here I have gathered me of course secretly just a few inspirations together. Acting like a weasel, none has noted.

And later: Gold Scheitelchen in the rain in action-packed

It was me a feast. 1001 thanks, dear triumph.