Beauty Heidi Towels in Designer’s Remix – do or Don’t?

Is a genuine trend about really? After you had abdicated all cloth experimentation a la Heidi at the latest with the entrance to the high school, are a few crafty designer just on it and off to summon a comeback of this triangle substances up. First Vika Gazinskaya and bosom friend Mira were however only little success there Duma, who several times tried to convince us with their Streetstyles by the modern farmers look,.

A certain Scott Sternberg shot

But then suddenly like a wrecking ball through our steadfastness, by he would have wrapped us with his latest resort collection for band of outsiders almost around the finger. All modern Alm girl and complete looks that actually could run with a bit of courage, including headgear. The youngest member of the cloth Club is since yesterday the Danish brand”designer’s remix”.  

“Designer remix is all about a treasured Danish vibe and Charlotte Eskildsen’s desire to create feminine and characteristic designs to beautiful, sophisticated and positive women who dare to be different. Designer remix continues on the path between femininity and androgynous tailoring creating the ambiguous atmosphere.”

“Other” it certainly looks in the looks for next spring. The question is: what we want?

With regard to the headscarves, I remain skeptical despite all catwalk craze – can maybe just try and convince? Soon, promise.

Unlimited love it rains, however, for the friendly footwear:

even more favorite looks.