Beauty Intimate – Let’s Here About It Talk! Part 1: Intimate Care

Blessing already, there is talk, it does not lead in coffee ring with the family. Or things, wants to even bring that to your best friend on the table. Unpleasant, funny, physical – though we are all suvidha. Often floats because talking about this puterrote cloud of shame over the head like a nasty, which rub the hands Cheshire Cat, which may begin in no way otherwise it might be so embarrassing. Or when did you start the last time your WG kitchen about halitosis, to talk about ear wax or discharge?

We start in a new, beautiful series with solid half-knowledge, programmed peasant shrewdness and lovingly collected BFF Council. Here among us – to all the things that are there from us come out, hang up on us or become otherwise kinda noticeable. Here we go? Part 1: Intimate care.

little girl were you always kept to keep your shop permanently beautiful clean? The plugs of the brother went away yes finally fresh and clean on the outside, this is all much more hygienic and anyway, who needs not so much clean that. Oh? Without lapsing into wetlands mood, we clean up directly even with rumor around our retirement care and say how to do it correctly: the delicate mucous membranes in the genital area are, whether their anatomy, namely an acid, humid environment, by bacteria happily frolicking and like to multiply. Clean, but not overdo it – the motto is therefore, yes!

Oh so this is!

Always use a mild, fragrance-free shower, intimate cleanser no woman need in principle, who like to give but not on it, takes the mild intimate wash gel, which itself has made the pH of our young pussy (4-4.5) (from menopause which changed namely) and protects with lactic acid against infections. Right now the following to the Oriental grain Exfoliating shower gel: Let it be! Please no sponges and Washcloths that are just chock full dance floor for the next party of bacteria. You do pathogen previously not away have have dared by the outer edge of the pubic area, directly in the pussy epicenter inside. A slip a day – easy thing, or? The bushes then keep wash in the cooking aisle. Deal? Eighth in the detergent on bacteria killer and also the best perfume-free products. And: better access to the panties as the string – the narrow line between his legs can with so much girl power sometimes not deal. In the shower the shower (also if is tempting) directly on the vagina, which flushes only germs in. In the bathroom the classic cleaning-move right now studying – say me after: „ wipe from front to back “. List and repeat! Go pee after sex! The bacteria in the body by you and your boys are, surprise, often quite different – sometimes you don’t even really get along and that can cause bladder infections in women such as sex. To counteract the after the Sexytime just directly go to the bathroom and heard there may not wash it out. And we still not talking about prevention.

and so not!

You don’t need Erhältlich now really. If you wash you daily, the super is unnecessary because you seem so up on the great flora of your vagina. Fragrances can trigger additional allergic reactions. Everybody smells different and that’s a good thing – you know, ne? You must not become the Putzteufel: Wilde can quickly wash back go. Therefore: Regularly shower aka one to wash maximum two times a day, keeps the flora in balance, and as long as below nothing itches, scratches, instead of transparent rather breast flows out or smells quite different than usual, everything is fabulous and has not gone be scrubbed. If then look what ziept, you can contact the doctor or of course the woman doctor of your confidence, you hear? Panty liners in bulk! During the period, as additional protection – no problemo – only to steady state, you should not be. The plastic layer underneath prevents air circulation in the Schluppibereich – and nobody wants now really thick air.