Beauty New In The Bag: The Beauty Blast Of The Month

That I don’t belong to the true beauty cronies of the industry, we do not again have to go through at this point, we know by now pretty much everyone. And still I stumble then and when again and again about small highlights, which can be also my tender beauty heart higher bounce. And if that happens, then it jerks of course in my fingers, to share exactly the chosen Wundermittelchen.

Although I belong rather to the category “once deemed good, already set”, especially the bulging goodie bags fashion week but conveniently ensured that I moved my own Beautifier horizons once again about Aesop, and the cosy comfort left zone. And so also a new cream in my bag, I may no longer be here, an eyebrow booster, which conjures up curved frame with bristles and a hue for the lips, which surprisingly always fits can be found next to one for fabric softener scented shampoo.

Day cream from comfort zone:

Face cream and I, this is such a thing: either it greasy just on the T-zone, or provides for dehydration. Now I have them however obviously actually found my perfect day care: the skin regimen Hydra-Pro cream gel cream comfort zone. My first cream with the stamp „ anti aging “ ensures in the icy-cold Berlin winter, that the delicate facial skin does not dry out and drown my still existing pony not in fat. EXCITED, friends, excited. More info about the very expensive cream from the series are here.

Shampoo & Conditioner by Davines

Yes, I know I’m the ultimate that has tried shampoos by Davines and crazy then immediately is probably possible. BUT: It has just right double me and caught three times. Shampoo that smells after Weichspuhler not only delicious, but also velvety soft turns my hair without making them hang down like spaghetti: Davines LOVE shampoo makes ’ s possible. While the conditioner in the potty is probably still a little bit, the shampoo is unfortunately already almost empty. That may be but certainly on my lush consumption, since I’m on foaming shampoo and used relatively much Wundermittelchen fliederfarbenes by the. Next time, I’m frugal, I promise!

Eyebrows-SOS from Catrice

Too thick, too thin, too balkig: My eyebrows do what they want. I’ve already been in possession of a Bobby Brown eyebrow mascara – and excited. At some point, but darker eyeshadow should ensure that my eyebrows look nice and the mascara was replaced. Single hook: my hair over the eyes are obviously quite long and fold down always spread over the day. Nozzle ensures bristles, I’ve tried that already, however I got tired of it so even. Since three weeks use I sounding eyebrow mascara by Catrice, as well as the eye brow pencil with a small brush and see da: keeps surprising burst!

Makeup by nude by nature

Apply makeup brought me periodically Schlieren, uneven patches and an unnatural look. I was in the nude by nature workshop however the brush to apply the liquid Foundation recommended – and Lo and behold: even I can! The light makeup not covered, but ensures a smooth, natural complexion. And even Dummies like me to work with the brush. Promised! I wear as a very light skin type, C1.

Caliper body oil by & other stories:

I’m just too lazy to the cream. After the shower still for several minutes sitting on the edge of the bath and grease game for game with body butter? -In the summer perhaps. In the winter I put rather on oils. A new, good-smelling potion is the caliper body oil made of natural cosmetics line by & other stories. Absorbs quickly, smells of almond and is insanely productive.

Tom Ford lipsticks in gold and red.

A golden lipstick? Yes, Yes, and Yes again! Tom Ford has packed the most beautiful 2 g gold in Lipstick form and ensures light shimmer on the lips. Much of it will help too much and your lips shine in covered nude with slight gold particles. My currently favorite companion. If it’s a small little may go to knalliger, I put the little lipstick in the Coleur Christiano to the heart you: Red meets Orange! The light Glossoptik ensures bright lips and a fresh blast in your face.