Beauty New In The Bag: The Beauty Blast Of The Month

Pet friends now just over your hair and knock friends gently on the shoulder: you’re almost there. A, let’s say about jumping dear month is almost behind and the best days, thank God, still ahead of us.

February, the most boring of all month Sisters of the family of the year, but also not an easy does it. Have we no: at the moment it brings, with obvious reasons, half as much fun as in other times in the year. Lost in weather aggressiveness, it is massage sometimes just the sauna visit, an extensive treatment at the beautician or the three hour Thai down on the corner, which save us through the day. Or but just the little beauty new access in the bag:

this time with this: A shampoo for cat washing; Lipstick that builds you; a shower room that gay his base; hermetically locked day cream for ultra Mimosa; a perfume, greener than your little brother behind the ears and a makeup base as rock in the surf.

Davines – hair refresher

Everyone knows that: the time the hair is just freshly washed, and you swing you in the morning with a wet head on your bike – while you completely forget that don’t even more summer, but February and minus eight degrees out there. This faux pas out of my way to go and also 20 minutes longer in bed napping, I strongly recommend that a guess) most beautiful b) most effective c) bestduftenste of all dry shampoos from the more inside series by the great Davines.

Dior – Diorskin forever makeup base

A slightly illuminierender Primer as sole actor or see the Foundation on the face. Power that the laboriously applied makeup whether the weather conditions not a floor lower slips. Fixed really optimal tip top and forms a solid, equal-area basis. The one on the left is just. The rock of ages. Either apply Foundation or mix both.

USLU airlines – AMM lipstick

even if heaters deface my lips, to Fransen carpets, it’s nice to have a lipstick on the side, committed for you of and rather than a gentle colouring moisture gentleman acts as a dramatic Pigmentproll. The more often it is red the color of the AMM, he becomes the more intense on the lips. During the day a layer – in the evening like thirteen – ye know. Cruelty-free eh, ole ole.

Gym – base shower Balsam

I still have the annual fasting and secretly installed without you on the stage (interested in also something wen? MH?) Here, it plays a role, the body in a so-called stable “acid-base budget” to bring. Balancing base baths, foot baths, base caps ensure then pH to take if you want to, and now there’s also the matching base shower balm from the series. Scent by the way, also not as bad as one would think now.

La Roche Posay – Toleriane ultra fluid

“Stay in a series” – this guide does not come from the Netflixwelt, instead I hear the Council more often when it comes to the topic of facial care. System care here is the magic word and means as much as: all the daily routine of a series of care products to use, since they build on each other. Makes sense so far. At the moment, I have complete faith and all of the probably rucksichtsvollsten all series – by La Roche Posay Toleriane. It also the Toleriane rises ultra fluid, which is hermetically sealed from the outside world and comes out with a minimum of ingredients. Therefore it very prima is suitable for sensitive and allergic skin.

Comme des Garcons – amazing green, who says that in my bag always must be brand new? Flat. This unisex scent here, for example, is in the truest sense of the word (caution!) Evergreen. Where once was he the scent of one of my romances. I was helping me morning secretly in the bathroom it. Since I recently finally got the stuff me however in Paris for years, it has lost then unfortunately a large part of despite perfect touch stimulus. What a pity. The stone looks Sauschon but still in the bathroom.

Hang in there, you hear? Soon, we are over the mountain. Spring is closer than you think.