Beauty Our Favorite Lipsticks in the Autumn

I leave the House almost always without mascara (to do this any more), am the opposite of beauty gurus and swear at the most on eyebrow hair grease, but if the Schalk me in the neck then but time packs, I wear lipstick in fiery red hues with utmost pleasure. Cool colors let me strictly, so I always watch a small Orange share. And then there nude shades that provide a little optical vibrancy pale days. My own most loyal life companion comes Sarah Jane L.O.V., Topshop and Bobby Brown (the pen!), because of the rich colors, whereas on labels such as pixi, Yves Saint Laurent is equally (unbeaten durability!), Scalamari and Julia Koch and Gretel swear and Franziska Tom Ford prefers has.

You can see team Jane Wayne opinion is not always equal, but basically we agree: even if the hype surrounding the continuous self-optimization slowly stinks to heaven, painting our lips will be us getting a big delight. Maybe it’s because this type of foraging Pinselei in the own face indeed not for others but for ourselves is done. Or we blow us there? Lip color is it, if you will, something like the shoe purchase by the beauty purchases. Because it’s for once isn’t going to paint over stain. But often rather to emphasize its own mood.

Christina’s red by L.O.V
bright hot Orange by Bobbi Brown
Le Fuchsia No 7 by Yves aint Laurent
revolve around me by Tom Ford
haven of Nudestix
honey bare of Pixi
Rio Rio Topshop
Damier Fawn by & other stories
CBH of USLU airlines
apricot by and Gretel