Beauty Special 10 + Questions to Sarah Jane

I am always saying, no small beauty ring would fit in me, however I noticed on the weekend at the crap out only how many little helper I’m moving very well, very happy to recommend. On average we have 50 beauty products in the bathroom, betrayed us Kaya of “stop the water while using me” once, and I obviously belong to those who are driving up the cut – and that even though I use every day really all that much. The legs in the belly stand half-empty packs, samples and once used, colored Kajalstifte – and absolutely not be used. Blessing in disguise: I finally got a chest of drawers in the bathroom, that hides everything, however, in the blink of an eye made me a little messy. Mucking out was Saturday so mandatory!

Before our beauty special goes further in the coming week with true professionals, do I start today in the team and answer my 10 + questions and show you what why helps me best of all.

1 what beauty tip has been your Mama gave you with?

Always you make-up removing! The eyelashes can cancel and the morning standing up is all the more beautiful without taped eyes. Mach I always, Mama. Promised!

2 do you have a morning beauty routine? If Yes, what is the?

Under the week always equal: we muckeln threesome again under the blanket for me gives us a cup of coffee. Then I jump with Wilma in the bath and shower, while she plays or I’m rubbish under the shower to keep them happy. Teeth brushing, hair blow dry cream on it and mascara. On “bad skin days” is still a few drops of makeup on top. For the hair, I swear for years on beach mat by got 2 be: provides grip and then conjures up a more beautiful, loose Plait. Perfume on it and then goes at the breakfast table, before we wiggle to the day of Papa.

3 of the hair tie to the tweezers: your 3 unbeatable everyday helpers?

Definitely got 2 be for hair. Eyebrow pencil with brush Dior makeup

  1. What beauty ritual is regularly refreshed from the manicure to the eyelash extensions:?

I’m the worst beauty-treatment-er filler far and wide. Therefore, I am like a saucer cracker when I think about to paint my nails and apply a me. So in short: No!

5 what you swear?

Aesop and the right structure have shampoo, so my hair and not just bored down hang.

6 so I’d best every day look – this is exactly why:

with the Sun on your face, pink on the lips and on the sweater. The fact that I finally can knot a braid me, makes me infinitely happy.

7 pimples, dry places and co: your little beauty problems – and what helps friends mind?

Pimples times are my biggest problem – so this eternal, red stains that were previously more pimples. What does, however, help? Maintenance, care, care. I’m just still looking for the right face cream. Do you have tips?

8 in the blink of an eye: which hairstyle is your love – and how can you do it?

I would braid daily a Gretelzopf me, but I have two left hands for this – and this I’ve seen me already umpteen different tutorials. It manages not.

9 cucumber mask and ingredients peeling we know: what DiY tip you got for us?

I got this tip from Stella: warm coconut oil (for dinner), cotton pads in a beautiful glass of relatively flat pile, pour the liquid oil over it, to cover in the refrigerator, and voilà: the perfect and even cooling make-up.

10 which helps the also?

Getaways. Small oases that stress me also in advance, but promises recovery.

11 creams and nastiest beautiful and well: that you take care in addition to beauty products:

healthy diet is the be-all and end-all, all right. At least 8 hours sleep too. And drink plenty of water anyway. I belong rather to the category “forget Hups!”, that I me as quickly as possible should stop. On one thing I respect but gehörigst: on dental care! Dental floss, mouthwash and regular professional dental cleaning including.

12 your most expensive product in the Cabinet?

My lip balm by by Terry is 47 euros for so a mini small pots already crazy, just to really say that this lip balm for normal use lasts forever.

13 as get you your face after a long through night again?

With lots water, magnesium, and sleep. And with following Wundermittelchen: the Magicstripes “wake me up” collagen eye patches and the Dragon’s blood hyaluronic mask.

14 subject “anti aging”: you lean forward? If so, how?

I must confess that I do not bend before – and that, although my little Crow’s feet are always deep. So who has the ultimate tip for me that can be quickly applied himself, but is pretty effective, then her so!

15 facial muffle or Pingelchen? – if the latter: how and what to make up off you you?

I me every evening make-up off: so far with the very simple eye make-up Remover by BALEA. More recently but with Stella’s tip, the coconut oil-soaked Pats. Morning in the shower, everything from the pores is then again obtained with renew oil of Biotherm total. Besides, I’m big fan of the body scrubs by & other stories. Before shaving the legs just once over scrubbers – and ready.

  1. Who should answer this questionnaire next?

Madeleine by Daria Daria.