Beauty Strumming Lashes: Eyelashes Extension In The Test

Monday 16: 00 somewhere in Berlin. A wild flashing neon sign saying “Eyelash extensions” pulls me in a cosmetic Studio. My mood can be not worse that day and so I decide to stick a little something on the mind of me. Extension of self-confidence, I come.

Mink lashes the friendly lady behind the counter does not recommend in any case directly even me, who were so stiff, hard and unnatural. “Mink? I ask the animal?”, and she nods. “We stupid people” – I think short. Faster choice of length, strength, and bending, I get stuck instead hundreds small individual synthetic silk blend hair in a nearly two-hour procedure with special glue to your own lashes. 9-11 mm length have the black hairs in my case, in which drama Queens you can book up to 15 mm eyes.

I am learning much about artificial eyelashes in these two hours. For example, there is also the for people with very little own eyelashes “3D volume” Variant – come then three very fine art eyelashes on each natural eyelash. Clever!

I feel anyway, on my bed, such as a wannabe superstar. I hear the rolling eyes of my friends already in front of me. Now I ask myself, what got me here. Who needs for artificial eyelashes? I am Beyoncé? Especially since just 4-6 keep the weeks, if you don’t fill them up. And at all of fun equal to 120 euros is making me poorer.

Done! The eyelash fairy wish me a mirror in your hand and there a small deer winks at me. Huuuuii – how cute! Yup, I find it super. The note, no oily products to use with me still and klimper goodbye with the new strumming lashes. After two minutes I forgot also that what is on it.

The next morning, I spare me all the usual mascara-action, I need just not a bit. OK granted, superduper natural is another but hey, I like it just like how it is. Blink, blink!

What do you say?

And because so many are asking: all photos are today and actually getting shot with the iphone 6 plus