Beauty Tips Before Bed

Hi girls!

Today we talk about makeup … But make-up removal & co.! A subject that is particularly close to my heart because I for one until a few years ago did not pay particular attention to the stage “struccaggio” and every time I was full of blacks points

Makeup remover WELL and bottom is VERY IMPORTANT for our skin, if we have a beautiful skin need not spend money on covering foundation that even the skin tone because our skin is already beautiful and bright her!

Why is it so important to remove make-up every night?

Makeup remover is important because during the day lurk on our face a multitude of bacteria and impurities that unless we can remove go to occlude the pores, thus promoting the emergence of blacks points. Makeup remover is therefore essential action if we want to keep our skin young and healthy because the skin needs to breathe, at least overnight, to stay fresh and bright!

How to remove make-up?

Having said that we should remove make ALWAYS, if you have no desire or time on rare occasions we can use wipes!

If you have at least 5 minutes of time the CREATE YOUR Bed Time Routine that’s right for you and try to observe it every night!
This is my Bed Time Routine in 5 steps (at end of article you will find the VIDEO TUTORIAL):

  1. First,make-up remover eyes with one delicate eye makeup remover : supporting the cotton pads on the eyes and let it soak for a few seconds, then gently port diskettes down to prevent damage to the lashes.
  2. Once cleansed eyes to remove make-up her face using a milk or a gel cleanser , lately I’m finding very well with the cleansing gel extract of White Grape Garnier (also good INCI!)
  3. Her lips make-up remover or cleansing milk or with the’Ac Micellar here: it is important to bring the disk toward the inside of the lips so as not to drag the color to the skin
  4. Once deleted step makeup traces on the face (except around the eyes) a tonic to tighten pores and give freshness to the skin, in the video you can see that for tonic lately I’m using Tonic Garnier or the same line of cleansing gel
  5. Last but not least, apply to face, neck and cleavage face cream: lately I’m using facial moisturizer ViviVerde COOP(INCI EXCELLENT!)