Benecos Compact Blush Toasted Toffee

Hi girls! Lately I’ve been trying to convert to organic, at least with regard to facial products and having reviewed the natural foundation of Avril , today I want to tell you about a very important one for the facial cosmetic base: the blush! I decided to try to Benecos, the Compact Blush Toffee Toasted because the color I liked, and the price is really super profitable !! I have purchased on the site bio-eco shop just € 3.99.

Benecos is a German company that produces natural cosmetics at a very affordable price . The products of this brand are certified B DIH * (with the exception of the glazes), which ensures that the ingredients are all of natural origin and therefore free of paraffin, silicones, parabens, etc. In addition, Benecos products are not tested on animals, and the manufacturing process is eco-sustainable.

* BDIH  is a body which ensures that products are derived exclusively vegetable and have no ingredients of animal-derived oil.

I blush Benecos sono disponibili in 4 tonalità: Sassy Salmon, Mallow Rose, Toasted Toffee e l’ultimo arrivato Fall in Love.
I chose to try the shades Toffee Toasted because I wanted a blush that would create very natural tan.

The packaging is very simple: a transparent plastic round container with black writing that opens clamshell. On the back we find all the details: ingredients, amount of product ( 5.5 g), BDIH certification and expiration date.

In the blush are softening and moisturizing ingredients such as ‘ macadamia oil, castor and sunflower and vitamin E, an excellent antioxidant!

The consistency of Toffee Toasted skin is very light and delicate, with a matte finish matte and natural. It applies with the special brush (I use the angled Zoeva) under the cheekbone, starting from the ear and coming up to half eye. The effect I really like it because it creates a’ very natural shade that sfina gently face. The color is very easily blurs and l ‘ intensity is modulated, depending on the past. The durability is very good!

I find that this blush is perfect for spring and summer because it creates that’ slightly tanned look without going overboard! The value for money is unbeatable in my opinion !! Highly recommended!!